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Genesis or ThemeForest (Bootstraps)

Discussion in 'WordPress Themes' started by Naide, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. Hello, this is my first post.

    I'm relatively new to WP. I have three mayor personal projects and I'm having trouble choosing which framework and theme to choose.

    I'm not a developer (although I have rusty notions of web programming), but I'm learning and my plan is to learn from practice, while my projects grow.

    At first I was convinced to use Genesis Framework, and child themes like Metro Pro and News Pro. But then when planning the features my projects need, the horizon started to get foggy.

    I will need, for example, Metro Pro, with BBPRESS (forum), GEODIRECTORY (directory), OSCOMMERCE (shop), and depending on the project one or two plugins, one for organizing Events, another one for Stock Market info., etc.

    I don't know how difficult it will be to implement those plugins in Genesis Framework and especially in Metro Pro child theme. It is very difficult? It is necessary to play a lot with code? Or those are smooth implementations?

    On the other hand, I've found some themes in ThemeForest that seem easier to use than Genesis. As KLEO (I can't add links, so google it please). In it I can implement BBPRESS, GEODIRECTORY, OSCOMMERCE, etc, etc, etc, with only a few clicks.

    I don't want to go the easy way, but the better in the long term. If the price I've to pay to enjoy the facilites that KLEO offers, are loss of navigation speed, less support on the long term, optimization sacrifice, etc, ... I'm not sure if KLEO (Bootstrap Framework) is the best choice.

    I've read many "Bootstraps vs Genesis" posts, but they were very diffuse.

    What do you recommend me?

    Thank you
  2. I'm comparing Genesis with Kleo, but I'm also refering to any of the top ThemeForest multi-purpose themes. (like Avada, Karma, BeTheme, etc) Some of theme have their own framework, like Avada.
  3. Hi Naide.

    Welcome to Rise Forums. Good to have you here.

    I do not believe many Genesis designs are created with plugins such as bbPress and Geodirectory in mind.

    That being said, although many ThemeForest themes have been designed to support third-party plugins, they can sometimes be a little fixed with how they work. From a developer's point of view, Genesis is a much more user-friendly framework to develop for. So even if Genesis isn't designed for bbPress, it may be easier to implement the whole package together.

    I am not a developer myself so I will leave this open for other members to contribute, but there are pros and cons to going either route.

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