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Getting Back A Flipped Site?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Rhys Wynne, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. Hi There,

    I'm wondering if anybody has any experience in getting back a site they had sold on Flippa?

    A friend of mine sold a site on there, and it is now been hacked and I think he was keen to revive it (even buying it off him, as there is still value there).

    He's tried emailing the new owner but no joy.

    Any ideas?
  2. The buyer not returning your emails does not surprise me.

    I have tried buying back a major website I sold once or twice in the past.

    I sold hundreds of websites over the years. It always surprised me when people paid tens of thousands of dollars to buy a website from me and then let it die.

    Zac Johnson paid $60,000 for BloggingTips from me and continues to develop it. Most others bought my websites and then let them stagnate and die.

    Michael from WP Hub bought WPMods.com from me for $80,000 and then simply redirected the domain to his website and moved all the articles there. The blog hasn't been updated in years. He was a lovely guy as well, but it was clearly a bad move as WPMods was one of the biggest WordPress blogs at the time.

    The most puzzling one was the guy who bought my poker forum from me. He bought the forum from me and then removed all advertisements. He then just switched the forum off. He didn't try to sell it or do anything else with it.

    When I saw it had been closed down a few years later I tried to buy it off him. Bizarrely, he refused. He wanted the original price despite the fact all the traffic and members had gone years ago. To this day the forum has nothing but a blank welcome page that says real content coming soon. When I sold it it had over 30,000 members and a high level of activity.

    Do not overestimate the ego factor when it comes to buying and selling websites. Many people would rather hang on to a property they aren't developing instead of just selling it on as they do not want to admit defeat.

    I'll be the first to admit that I have did this in the past and kept saying to myself "Don't sell it yet as you will still make it a success".

    The reality is that you need to choose your battles and more often than not it's better to cut your losses and sell if you aren't developing it.

    It's clear that there are a lot of people buying websites that have no idea of the work and passion involved to keep the website going. Sounds like the person who bought your friend's website does not have the time to maintain it.

  3. I remember emailing you when it all went down - the forums were slipping for a number of reasons (including Black Friday in the US), and when the new owner announced he was shutting things down was hoping you could revive things - if not to it's former glory, at least to something better than it was. What surprised me more than anything was the fact that he wanted to get his money back on a site that he clearly let slip.

    EDIT: Just did a search on the wayback machine - the owner didn't even announce to members things were getting shut down, he simply passed on to a volunteer site admin ("Kaartkeizer") who passed the message along. Between when he bought the forum and when things were shut down, I don't think a single post was made other than to say, "Hi, I'm the one who bought the forum." Who seriously thinks you can run a successful community-based business (such as forums) without actually participating in the community?
  4. It's sad it went down that way.

    One of the main reasons I sold the forums was because I had sickened myself with poker. Not only had I played just about every day online and offline, I was also talking about it 24/7 on the forums.

    Whilst my love for poker faded away, I still cared about the community.

    Before selling all the buyers had assured me they had big plans to make it grow quicker etc, so it was baffling that the buyer handled it that way. They had clearly had more money than sense.

    A lot of forum owners do not actively participate in them, but they do still need to hire the right people and make decisions to push the forum forward. The new owner did nothing. Why spend so much money on something just to let it expire? Very strange.
  5. I have a feeling that he will basically chalk this up for experience.

    It was largely a passive income site. Not a huge amount, but worth keeping around I think, plus it was in a niche he enjoyed, so he got lots of freebies to review!
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