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Good Freelance Writing Portfolios?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Joe F, Jul 28, 2014.

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  1. I'm thinking of giving my freelance writing site a revamp.

    I'd quite like to expand the focus a bit more outside of WordPress, so I can pick up some more varied work.

    Has anyone seen any good freelance writing portfolios out there for inspiration?

  2. My own portfolio is outdated too. I have become a bit lazy with it as most clients are coming from articles I have written, rather than through my services page.

    Kristi Hines has a nice portfolio website. She appears to update it actively. Her portfolio page was last updated a few days ago.

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  3. I was going to suggest Kristi's portfolio page but Kevin beat me to it.

    Kristi does incredibly well, or so I think. Based on how many of her posts I see on big sites. Everything from GetResponse and iAcquire to Social Media Examiner and DigitalMarketer.com.
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  4. That is quite the testimonial she has on that page from Neil Patel! Does anyone know what her rates are? I'm curious as to what a top writer like her would command rates-wise.
  5. Ya Kristi is amazing... I read her stuff all the time. She seems to write on all the blogs I love and follow :) I doubt she is cheap though. A lot of the places she blogs on I'm sure have huge writer budgets.
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  6. You get what you pay for. That is particularly true in writing :)
  7. Judging from Neil Patels testimonial for Kristi the opposite could also be true: "She is so good that we pay her to write for us, even though we don't pay any of our other writers." So maybe the popular blogs dont need a huge budget since writers are fighting to get published on there anyways. No clue if that is true, just found that bit from the testimonial interesting.

    Kristis writer portfolio is actually the first I see which I really like. It simply looks professional. Most I have seen before look similar in style to yours, Joe - a pretty standard blog design with quite much text and links to published articles. Not bad, just also not as "business-like".
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  8. For blogs like KISSmetrics, they get countless guest post pitches (most of them are from people who don't have a clue) but they still manage to fill their editorial calendar mostly with unpaid writers.

    It's not too difficult for them to find high quality writers who will write for them for free.

    I quite like the Buffer testimonial Kristi has.

    @Joe F - another one you could take a look for some ideas is Karol K's portfolio site: http://karol.cc/.
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  9. @Thomas Hoefter - Yes I too found Neils testimonial a bit of an eye opener. That bloggers are not paid to write the content. This again drives my point which I have made earlier too. Rich try to become more rich, while poor struggle to make ends meet. Most of the times, I have seen that corporates take full advantage of new-comers in their field and exploit them by hiring them as trainees where in they are paid poor stipends and made to do lots and lots of work in the name of project reports, getting more grades, etc. This looks to be the case with bigger sites too. As they somehow have built a traffic for their site along with a steady fan following, they use such new comers / people in need of work or people who want that Fifteen minutes of limelight / fame!(just a pun not intended to offend anyone), to create great articles and get more traffic and grow bigger than what they are now. Its a story of the ant and the elephant. Either you need to stay small and grow within your limits without trying too hard, or you need to grow so big that you cannot collapse. The ones in between find it really difficult to manage their costs or growth and in the end fail.
  10. @prakash - I disagree.

    The reason why the likes of KISSmetrics and other large blogs don't pay for content is because bloggers, writers and marketers openly offer it.

    A lot of bloggers offering free content end up earning money from writing for those sites at some stage, whether it's from visitors who have clicked through and signed up to a mailing list or others who get paid by clients to guest post (yes, a lot of people writing for these sites are doing it for the SEO/traffic benefit and do get paid, just by SEO agencies, marketing agencies etc).

    Even for those that don't get paid, there are mutual benefits.

    For example, I wrote a huge post for BoostBlogTraffic.com for free - could probably have charged a client £300 for it, but I didn't want to.

    That single guest post was responsible for adding 200 subscribers to my mailing list - all of which are relevant, engaged and value what I have to say.

    We both benefited from this and it wasn't like they just got a complete post they could publish - the post is edited and there team spend a lot of time working with me to craft the post etc.

    Ultimately, it is possible to "have your cake and eat it", but you need a strategy to manage your costs and avoid those awkward growth pains.
  11. Thanks for all of the kind words @Kevin Muldoon @Adam Connell @Brian Jackson @Thomas Hoefter - nice to see / meet you!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my portfolio site - I've actually gone through about five or six themes in the last couple of years looking for the "right" one. The current one is by StudioPress.

    The portfolio/latest posts page is something I automate using the author RSS feeds from sites I write for and a plugin called WP RSS Aggregator. Some sites I write for aren't as easy to get an RSS feed from due to redirects, so I use Zapier to create a custom feed for those that filters out just my posts.

    As an added bonus, the plugin combines all of the feeds into one, so I can use IFTTT (free version of Zapier) to send an email when one of my posts go live and schedule it into Buffer for sharing.
  12. Hi Kristi,

    Great to have you here :)

    Yeah RSS services such as Feedburner can stop you from subscribing from categories and specific authors. I like the way you have used that plugin to automatically pull posts from your own profiles. I am tempted to do something similar myself on my own blog. Think it's a nice feature.

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  13. It's a great way to promote your content, whether you're a freelancer or a guest blogger. :)
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  14. Great to see you here @Kristi Hines - I really like how you've got this page setup and the IFTTT setup sounds really cool too.
  15. Thanks Adam! I believe that certain types of automation can be very healthy for you and your business. :)
  16. No worries, Kristi! You seem to have the right automation going on - I'm all for automation like this. Also just spotted Bryan Harris' post on Videofruit where he mentions your approach to group posts.

    Love how you've stream lined group interviews!
  17. That stemmed from conducting those interviews by email. I left one person out because instead of replying to the email, he emailed me separately with an answer. When it was time to compile the post, I only searched for replies to the original and missed his answer completely. If they're all in a spreadsheet, I can't miss them. :)
  18. Thanks for the suggestions people. I like Kirsti's too so might have to pinch some ideas! I like the site logo images.

    I wasn't aware you could see engagement for your content on other people's sites through the Google web master tool. I did try and take a look but it wasn't working for my account so will have to do some research.

    I am using the RSS Aggregator plugin already on my latest posts page:
    http://joecanwrite.com/recent-work/ although some site's don't seem to work so I might have to look into IFTTT

    Karol's site is good but I don't like those one page layouts as they feel like they have too much going on, but overall it looks professional.
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  19. Looks good Joe! I had to go with Zapier of IFTTT for some of my feeds because Zapier has filtering options that let you grab a full feed and filter it down by the author of the post. I tried using IFTTT's keyword search for my name at first for that purpose, but it didn't always work correctly.
  20. I like your thinking!

    I've been taking way too much time over group interview posts haha!
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