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Google Anayltics stats from nofollow links

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by BrinWilson, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. I'm really wondering: does Google Analytics show visitors who come from rel="nofollow" links? My analytics/statistics really strongly suggest it doesn't but I can't be 100% sure. Anyone 100% sure? No 'maybe' answers please. I'm hoping this is a clear 'yes' or 'no' thing, but I'm willing to be educated if not of course. :)
  2. Nofollow will not change how any tracking system counts visitors. Once a visitor is on your website they are tracked in the same way, whether they came from a search engine, social media service, referral link, or whatever.
  3. In my scenario, they'd be coming from nofollow referral links. I am inclined to believe you (since I realize you tend to be really rather knowledgeable about these things), but are you saying this from personal experience or what? It's such an important point to me that I'd love to know where your answer is coming from?
  4. Google Analytics will show you nofollow link traffic. GA is simply a tool that logs the IP address of the user and session, no matter what kind of link was clicked, whether it is nofollow or dofollow.

    However, depending upon the link/site it could be stripping out the referrer source and therefore showing as direct traffic in your Google Analytics.

    Also note:
    • If a user traverses from a secure (HTTPS) page to a non-secure (HTTP) page, browsers donā€™t pass the referrer value for security reasons. No referrer value, so the traffic is classified as direct.
  5. Well, that does make sense. It's just hard to swallow because it means that a couple of my more recent marketing campaigns (in which I wasn't specifically tracking links ā€“ just relying on G Analytics to show me approximately how they did) have been next to completely useless... Oh well, live and learn I guess.
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  6. Were these external links something you have access to change the URLs? I always recommend using the Google URL Builder, so you can add campaign source and medium. This way it is easy to track in GA.

    I realize though with affiliate links sometimes its not possible to do that.
  7. Nope - I can't change the links. They were simply standard untracked, rel=nofollow links to my site from someone else's site ā€“ from a bog-standard sponsored post (the first one I've every had actually - and judging from the result, also my last. Lol).
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