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Google Voice To Text

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Heather, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. Hello. I tried out the voice to text function in Google Docs today and it worked quite well. I was just wanting to record some thoughts/notes about something for myself for future reference, but I didn't feel like typing. It's not something I'll ever need to edit unless I want to just to make it a little more readable for me.

    There were errors, and it doesn't put a period unless you say "period," but still. I think it's pretty handy for when you're sick of typing and just want to get some thoughts down somewhere to save them.

    Thought y'all might be interested in trying it, too. :)
  2. I use it fairly often actually. I mainly use it for eBay descriptions :)
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  3. Did you ever try https://dictation.io/ ?
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