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Guest Post Publication Plugin - Back Hand

Discussion in 'WordPress Theme & Plugin Development' started by Tarannum, Jul 19, 2016.

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  1. Hi,

    Please suggest me wordpress guest post publication plugin.

    I want following:

    Plugin by which I can upload posts related to guest bloggers and publish author bio and pic with article. ( I have simple form for guest post submission so I ll receive files via it.)

    In short, I want plugin which I can use back hand to handle guest posts.

  2. Just to clarify, are you looking for a contact form plugin that will handle guest post submissions?

    WordPress is already set up to publish guest posts with a bio and picture. Anyone who is assigned with a contributor account can do that.

    I'm not sure what you are referring to as I handle all guest posts myself via the WordPress admin area.
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  3. @Kevin Muldoon

    I want to publish guest posts my self and dont want to give log-in to outsiders. I have put form to receive the article already.

    I know we can create author a/c and publish guest post via it. But is there any other way to publish guest post back hand? I need to create separate accounts each time to publish the posts. That's why I am searching for alternative.
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    Bloggers who do not create/allow guest post author accounts, and publish the guest posts themselves, do not use a guest post bio, since they themselves publish the post.

    You can see what my blog posts at Daily Blog Tips looked like. Ali Luke, DBT editor at the time, used to publish it and add at the start of the post that it's a guest post by me. She also included my bio at the end of the posts, with backlinks. But, no photo. You can do the same.
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  5. What she wants is to publish posts herself, but somehow add the guest blogger's bio, which tells that the post is a guest post.
  6. Also, Tarannum, it is "back end" not "back hand." Back hand has a different meaning. ((hugs)) (I just thought you might like to know. Of course I think everyone understands, and your English is awesome. But the ESL teacher in me just wanted to let you know, just in case you'd like to know.)

    How is your blog going?
  7. @Heather Actually she must not have understood what back end means, as it's more of a technical word, so thought it better be back hand ... as far as I guess.
  8. Thanks Heather for reply. Please provide some resources to learn English online. I hope it will help to understand back hand and back end...
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  9. When you said "back hand" you meant behind the scenes, from the back end of Wordpress, right? Without having to give the guest posters their own login credentials (Username and Password)?

    There's front end, which the user can see, and back end, which the user cannot see (talking about computer stuff/websites).

    If you search for the term "back handed" you can see definitions for that... it means either with the back of the hand, or insincere, such as a "back handed compliment."
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  10. Oh, and it occurred to me later that to a web developer, back end means really back end, like the code, I guess... but to me, when I log in to Wordpress, I consider that "back end." :)
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