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Hello from Scotland

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ozhef, Mar 31, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I run a WordPress theme shop with another developer who you may see lurking around these forums! We don't spend enough time discussing theme development with other WordPress devs and users so this forum looks like it will offer us the opportunity to do just that.
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  2. Welcome to the forum.
    It is always exciting to interact wordpress theme and plugin development.
  3. Welcome to the forums Ozhef. Great to gave you here.

    How long have you been running a WordPress theme shop?

    Where in Scotland are you based?

  4. Hello Kevin,

    I am based in Angus and have been running Template Express for almost 3 years now.
  5. Yeah!

    Glad to see you joined as well.

    I forgot to introduce myself when I joined so here I go:

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Steven from Fife in Scotland and I work with Ossie on Template Express.
    Ossie took me on board a few years back to build some themes with him and now he cant get rid of me :)

    I've been working with WordPress in my spare time since its early days.
    For the majority of that time it would be hacking existing themes for local companies in my spare time.

    I'm a family man who loves Football, going out for a cycle and more recently catching up with WWE thanks to my boys .
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  6. Welcome to both of you. I'm down in North Lanarkshire so I'm only about 90 to 120 minutes drive from you guys.

    Great to have you guys on board :)

  7. Welcome! Do they have any WordPress Meetups in your area?
  8. I think Edinburgh is the closet? I'm not sure. They certainly have a WordCamp.
  9. Yeah there is a monthly meet up in Edinburgh that we both plan to get to soon.

    We attended the Edinburgh wordcamp recently which was great.
  10. I still haven't made it to an Edinburgh WordCamp.

    Are you planning on going to Vienna?
  11. Hola. Same here, newbie too. :)

    Hope to see you around.
  12. Hello and welcome to rise forum
    Glad to have you here.
  13. Hello to all!

    I'm April and I'm a freelance email marketer here in Atlanta, GA, USA.

    I look forward to sharing experiences and wisdom from all of you entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

    Working by my own rules,

  14. Hope you all enjoy being a part of the Rise forums community.
  15. Hello Friend welcome to this community....
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