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Hello From Sunny Yorkshire

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Patricia J, Oct 26, 2016.

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  1. Hello everybody,

    I'm not new to IM and some of you might remember me from the Warrior forum a few years ago, I keep dipping in there but there is so much conflicting advice and wild claims from what looks to be newbies that it isn't really for me right now.

    I built my first website in 1999 and up until about 3 years owned a number of niche sites, most using Wordpress which were quite successful financially. Enough for me to consider leaving my day job until Google changed it's algorithms and my sites bombed, taking visitors and income with it.

    I was using article marketing, twitter and video marketing mainly to promote my sites and monetising mostly with Amazon, Adsense and had a number of high paying advertisers, but they panicked and withdrew when Google made the changes. I tried to turn things round for a while with lots of fresh content but grew disheartened when nothing seemed to be working. I walked away to enjoy life more but now I'm back.

    Last week I used some of the money that I'd saved from my previous earnings to buy 2 domains and 3 years of hosting and have been building my first Wordpress blog for a few years. I decided to build a content site around a very broad niche with opinion, articles and some product reviews rather than drilling down into a specific niche. This time round I want to have fun because I remember getting bored with the narrow niches though some of you might say that it will be harder for me to make money with this. I'm patient and want to build something solid this time round. for my main site. I've got plenty of tools at my disposal though some are a bit outdated.

    I'm not sure how much has changed in the last few years and am hoping to learn from this forum and get some good advise along the way.


    The title is sarcasm, it's raining right now
  2. Hi Patricia.

    Welcome to Rise Forums.

    It's great to have somewhere here with your experience.

    Sorry to hear about your rankings dropping. It's unfortunate that your income sources dried up. I have experienced severe setbacks in the past too. I got screwed by dozens of companies in the poker industry and Facebook changed their page algorithm and started sending about 3% of the the traffic it did before. It completely killed one of my websites and I lost a lot of money because of it.

    I'm sure your new website will be a success. You aren't starting from scratch. You're bringing with you a lot of experience and these good and bad times will serve you well in the future.


  3. Thanks Kevin, Sorry to hear about you getting screwed. I was lucky in that I only got screwed once by a copywriter and lucky that I hadn't given up my day job, that was a close call. Another piece of luck is that I've just found a lot of articles on my computers that can be used or reworked so progress should be quick.
  4. I've been screwed over more times than I can remember. Sometimes it's the biggest companies that stiff you for payment.

    What subject will your website be focusing on?
  5. My first site was to compliment an home business magazine that I published and one of the things my subscribers liked was the scam bashing that I did. Identifying scams and scammers back then made me very cautious.

    The subject of my site is Great Britain and all things British. With Brexit going on I wanted to be patriotic and support the UK and it's places and products. There is a lot that I can do with it and it will be interesting for the visitors and myself.
  6. Scam bashing?

    I'm surprised they didn't burn you at the stake at Warrior Forum for that as they put a lot of effort into ensuring members can scam other members. :)

    A UK website is interesting. It's sure to be popular with tourists who are visiting the UK.
  7. I don't know about that, things are so cheap there and have so much hype that I would buy only after reviews from those I knew or out of curiosity. The only bad deal there for me was a writer who didn't deliver the 50 articles that I ordered. Cheeky beggar tried to friend me on Linkedin later.

    I wasn't really thinking about tourists because the other domain that I bought and have yet to work on is travel related, but it will fit in a broader sense.
  8. There are a lot of good members there, but there are too many scammers on Warrior Forum and the owners don't do anything to protect members. Most of the eBooks I have been sent from there have been littered with spelling mistakes and bad advice.

    You do get some good applications being sold there, but there is a bad problem with people giving positive reviews in exchange for the product or in return for someone reviewing their product positively.

    I had someone not deliver an advertisement purchased there. When I looked into the issue I saw that he had been banned several times before and kept coming back to scam members. I posted a thread about it and advised the staff about the member. In return they deleted my thread. If you look at the warrior forum post on my blog you will see hundreds of examples of things like that happening. It creates a toxic environment in my opinion.

    I'm glad you didn't get screwed over too badly.

    So is your website more focused towards UK traffic? Is it for British tourists exploring the UK?
  9. Maybe the Warrior forum got too big and hard to control, I remember it when it first started up about 14/15 years ago, it seemed more serious and helpful back then. I didn't like the messages that I got from people trying to sell me services. I reckoned that if they couldn't afford to advertise they weren't all that. Maybe by charging a small membership fee you will avoid a lot of the problems there. I saw the post on your blog, that's how I found this forum.

    My site is aimed towards UK traffic but it will possibly appeal to US visitors and ex pats too. It's meant to be more of a magazine type of site talking about anything British, some serious, some humour, whatever takes my fancy really. I've written some articles about current affairs, others about Dr Who, tea, Celtic jewellery etc. and with more diverse British things planned. I'm aiming long term and not worried about making a quick buck. My first site was a content site and got a lot of repeat traffic.I ran an article directory for several years and found that the diverse content also brought in some good traffic and adsense earnings so perhaps a diverse content site is probably the best way for me to go right now.
  10. It sounds like you are really passionate about your new website.

    That is half the battle. I would rather spend my time working all day on something I love. Money is obviously important, but if you spend your days doing something that doesn't interest you the project will quickly be dropped.

    I feel the same way about video. For years I have writing articles every day and I am really enjoying producing videos. It's a much more interactive way of getting a message across.

    I'm not making any real money from it, but I enjoy it. I would much rather be at the bottom of a path I want to follow that half way up one I do not.
  11. Not so much passionate but enjoying it at the moment. I told myself 15 years ago that the rest of my working days would be doing things that I love doing and that's how it's been most of the time since. Money isn't massively important to me so I can afford the time to experiment and learn.

    By coincidence I found the log in details to several Youtube channels that I'd forgotten about today and have been redirecting some of the videos that I made to my new site. They aren't brilliant, just made with the windows video maker but I enjoyed making them and they did get me some traffic.
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  12. Good idea. If you can benefit from any of that traffic then it will be worth it. Be sure to let us how you get on.
  13. Will do. Traffic growing every day with 60 visitors yesterday and a small amount of adsense earnings. So it looks promising.
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