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Help: My google indexed URLs are alarmingly low

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Sakthi, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I was browsing through my google webmaster centre today and I noticed something very disturbing.

    1. Firstly, My total number of Google indexed URLs is very less - 37. But I have about 64 posts published. Apart from that there are categories and few pages.

    2. Secondly, as I look at the number of indexed URLs graph , there is a sudden decline in mid of February this year. That is exactly the time I updated my site to a new design. (I did ask my website developer to make sure all old URLs are moved exactly as it is and I think he did so. But I do notice that there are lots of image attachments which previously used to have a URL of its own, doesnt have a URL now).


    Qn#1 Can you help me understand what could be the problem here?
    Qn#2 Also for a long time I have been having doubts about my SEO, because - as I said I have about 64 posts published and a few good backlinks, but I hardly get 10-15 visitors per day from google organic search. Is it normal?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Reading between the lines, it looks like changing the design resulted in the URL of many pages being changed. You will need to check if that is the case, and if necessary, add 301 redirects from the old URLs to the new ones.

    Just in case that is not the reason, I did a quick search online to see if I could find any answers about this.

    From http://webmasters.stackexchange.com...-of-indexed-pages-decreased-for-a-site-search:

    If the URLs have not been changed, you might want to check some of the things recommended above.
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  3. Ya like Kevin said check your 301's. That is the most important thing when migrating.

    I don't have a lot of time right now but will come back later tonight with a longer response.
    One bad thing I noticed right away is that you have a WordPress Title Tag and also a Yoast Title tag. These are conflicting and the titles you are setting in yoast are not showing up.


    For example on your homepage, your title Google is seeing is this "Parks Blogger Ontario - Exploring Ontario Parks and OutdoorsParks Blogger Ontario | Exploring Ontario's back country…"

    In yoast you have the title set to "Parks Blogger Ontario - Exploring Ontario Parks and Outdoors" which I am assuming that is the one you want.

    I have a feeling when the guy moved you over to the new theme he didn't check this. A change of all your massive title tags could definitely fluctuate things a bit.

    You might try enabling force rewrite on the titles.


    Also normally you don't want your image attachment pages showing up. I wrote a blog post about that: http://brianjackson.io/stop-google-indexing-wordpress-image-attachment-page/

    Again Ill come back later tonight and go through your site in-depth and see if I can find anything else.
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  5. Hey Sakthi.. Ya I purposely don't have that anywhere public :) on purpose.
    I just sent you an email...
  6. Little late to the party, but I have the same problem. If anyone could get in contact with me, I could use the help. Thanks!
  7. Hey Ryan. Are you ok to post about the issue here? We can try and look at what is wrong with your website.
  8. Hey Kevin. Thats not a problem. It seems I am not able to add a link into this forum?? Any help here? The problem is My sitemap area in webmasters tools shows a good number of pages being crawled and indexed, but the Index Status shows only 1 url being indexed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. You should be able to share links now. Can you post your website and we will check it out :)
  10. Hey Thanks, Kevin. The url is https://www.heatcool2.com/. I see more urls submitted and indexed in the Sitemap area of Webmasters tools than in the Index status area. Thanks again
  11. Hmm. Any idea why my Index status reads only 1 url? Usually (like for other domains) it shows a large number of urls in the Index Status. But here for this domain, it only shows 1 url.
  12. I'm not sure why it's not showing up, but your pages are definitely indexed.
  13. Ok great. Thanks for the help, Kevin. I really appreciate it. Is there anywhere else you hangout? In case I have another question in the future, is there a better place to reach out to you?
  14. This is where I hang out regularly. I also help people through consultation from time to time via my blog etc, though that is a paid service. :)
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