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Hiring an assistant to do some of your freelance duties?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Joe F, Jan 26, 2015.

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  1. This is a bit similar to the outsourcing tasks for your own site, but instead for your freelance blogging jobs.

    Does anyone use a VA or similar to outsource parts of their freelance blogging/writing duties?

    One area that takes up a lot of time, depending on the type of post and client, is uploading posts, especially lists with lots of links and images.

    What do you think of outsourcing this? Have you done it, did you tell your clients?

    Any other tasks you've farmed out to let you concentrate on what you are good at - i,e, writing, rather than posting to WordPress?

    Ghost writing your posts would be the ultimate oursource but probably comes with lots of headaches of its own.

  2. With list posts, a lot of the work involved is preparing the list, cropping images, and uploading images. If you can get someone to do that for you, you can half the time it takes you to prepare list posts.

    It's something I should probably look into too. It's something I believe you can get done cheap as you do not need to be a native English speaker in order to do that. You just need to put the time in necessary to build the list etc.

  3. I'm just trying out a couple of people on Odesk to capture the images of themes and save them.

    Surprisingly, its a lot harder than you think to find someone who can do that!

    I never realised there was an art to capturing, cropping, resizing, and saving images, but apparently there is.
  4. My girlfriend used to do it for me and was good at it, though I was moving away from theme list posts so stopped asking her to help out.

    You may be right that many people do not have enough experience with Photoshop to crop images correctly. I showed her how to do it step by step and she took notes and she got good with it all.
  5. Yes, I think I will make a video cast of me doing it. I've hired 4 people so far and all of them have been varying degrees of not good enough.
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  6. I think more than the skill, there is something called commitment to excel in what we are doing. Most of the people I met via oDesk and freelancer.com never had that. They wanna do the job and run home with the money. They don't care much about the quality.
  7. That is the problem with many freelance marketplaces. It is very competitive so many freelancers drop their prices to attract more clients. A move they are perhaps forced to do since companies are looking for the best price. However, by dropping their rate, they need to take on more jobs in order to make the money they need to make. As a result of this, they take on more work than they handle and quality begins to suffer.

    Sometimes, you get what you pay for.
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  8. In addition, I also think it would be good to create some sort of a style guide for freelancers/ghost writers/ assistants. It's like what newspapers have for their journalists. You set the rules, you explain how your text should be formatted, what size are the headlines and so on.

    I think it makes your job easier as well as sets out the rules for your assistant/freelance (you do not have to repeat yourself) :)
  9. Yes, I have created a style guide for writing posts, but for creating the images, its hard to explain what makes an image look good and what makes one look bad.

    So far its been quicker to do it myself and just pay them the money and move on.
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