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Host Gator or ?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Dawnr, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. Hello!

    I am currently hosted at Go Daddy and I've become a little disenchanted with them. My hosting plan is expiring next month and figured I'd take this opportunity to look around. I am currently hosting 2 blogs and 2 websites (1 is a WooCommerce site.) I've been looking at Host Gator's Baby Plan and just blanketing the SSL.

    I'd love to hear from anyone about shortcomings of Host Gator that I should be aware of and any other hosting companies I should consider. I might also add that I still consider myself a beginner at all this. :)

  2. I would not consider that a choice! If you are with GD then may be try their Cpanel hosting. If you really want to shift, check some better hosting, because between GD and HostGator I would not consider it as a better shift but both have their positives and negatives
  3. I have had huge issues with Host Gator in the past. I would recommend "A Small Orange" or "Blue Host."
  4. Well I'm glad I asked! A Small Orange and Blue Host seem so expensive compared to Go Daddy. I may have to call them. However, on all of my websites, including my own personal domain, there is a hang up at a specific IP address. When I was on the phone with GD, we did a tracer and found it was hung up at a certain IP address right before it jumped over to my GD sites. They had me call my ISP. Well, my ISP did the same thing only they tested other websites such as CNN etc. and that IP address where the hang up occurs, only pops up when we go to one of my websites. The delay can be quite extensive at times. Then we did a reverse IP look up and it was some company (I can't remember their name) that looked like it was a tech service co that GD might be using. The only way to know for sure is to get back on the phone with GD and hold their feet to the fire, which largely depends on the skill level of the tech I get, it seems. However, the last time I was on the phone with them, all they wanted to do is upsell me to a more expensive plan which bothers me when a company does that as a solution to a problem that I feel shouldn't be a problem in the first place. I've also noticed that the more technical in nature I'm getting with GD, their awesome customer service which I've loved is not so awesome anymore. :(

    So...I guess my options are my options. Thanks for the input Brian and Prakash. At least I didn't make a move backward. That would have been a nightmare I don't have time for!
  5. I feel the same about GoDaddy @Dawnr . I've noticed more and more people mentioning issues with Host Gator too, I've used them in the past and they were good as far as shared hosts go, but that was before they were bought out.

    Whatever advice we offer really depends on your circumstances. For example is your website for business or do you consider it a hobby? What about traffic? Which CMS are you using? (WordPress or something else?).

    The reason I say this is because some websites do require a bit more power to run depending on traffic etc.

    For shared hosts I've heard good things about A Small Orange (Mostly from @Brian Jackson but I trust his judgement!), Blue Host, A2 Hosting and SiteGround.

    I personally use two web hosts at the moment -

    Media Temple - I use their Grid hosting service, quite unique as far as hosts go. From what I've been told they use bandwidth from smaller websites on the server to cope with traffic spikes etc. Generally their support is good but recently I've had a few issues with waiting times for responses but it's become worse in my mind because of how fast the other web host I use is ...
    Traffic Planet Hosting - A small web host but they don't over sell servers. They leave servers at around 50% capacity to help with traffic spikes. Support generally responses to my emails within 5-10 minutes... they have truly spoiled me with such service. I've used a lot of hosts but none of have been this responsive.

    Both are expensive compared to other shared hosts so they aren't for everyone but TPH is especially worth it because of the support, uptime and how fast my websites load.
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  6. Ya personally I use Kinsta for my sites... but I do have a couple small clients that are actually on "A Small Orange." (the cheapest plan) I have used them and their servers are surprisingly fast for shared. My clients are running WordPress... a couple are WooCommerce. I give them a thumbs up.
  7. Good to know, Brian. Kinsta look really good, haven't come across them before.
  8. Thanks for the input Adam. A2 looks interesting. By the way, all of my sites are WordPress. Okay, I think I have enough information now to keep me busy for a week, lol! I appreciate all the feedback!
  9. Brian, thanks for sharing this. I think I'm going to stay where I am and probably just upgrade.
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  10. Happy to help @Dawnr ! It's well worth the time to research your next web host to find the right one :)

    @Brian Jackson that's awesome, thanks for sharing the link - been looking for something like this for a while. Kinsta looks so much more impressive now!
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  11. Okay guys and gals, I'm refreshing my desire to move away from Go Daddy. I'll spare the details but I've been strongly looking at ASO (a small orange) I even asked them this morning how they would handle a DDoS attack, lol! Which by the way, I liked their answer. Being a newbie I have to say that the one thing that bothers me about them is all of their support is online. I've done some searching for independent reviews of the company which are primarily very good and in reading through these, I discovered they have a sister company called Host Nine which has a shared plan that will work perfectly for me and they seem to be a little more Wordpress friendly. Would love any feedback on Host Nine from folks that are there or have been there. Online support has been touted as live chat and 24/7. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Hi Kevin, They locate and shut down the IP address that's being attacked and reroute the website to a new IP. They send out an email to the owner and then they work with you to rectify the issue. I assume they just shut you down until you reach out to them from the email. I told her I know of someone that is going through this and that the host isn't too responsive. She emphasized that they work with their customers. She also said they also provide CloudFlare for free if you want it (not sure if it's a free program or not but they do provide it.) She showed me their support Blog where they've shown they've had a DDoS attack in October and they've had that server back up within an hour or so. So it happens, not a lot but it does and they seem to just handle it but that's my frontal view, of course. After doing some online research about them, they started small, then were bought out by a couple of Host Gator people. The owners have decided to keep ASO a boutique-type hosting company that has some leverage as there are 3 companies owned by these guys. Here is the review I read that covers their background and service, pros/cons, etc. http://hostdispatch.com/small-orange-review-take-actual-web-hosting-customer/

    Hope this helps. :)
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  13. Thanks Dawnr. I appreciate the suggestion during this time :)
  14. My pleasure :)
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  15. I used to own shared hosting at Hostgator and it was not a good experience for me. I had multiple downtimes with them. The queue that we have to wait before talking with a customer care agent is a nightmare.

    Later I moved to digital ocean and bought 5USD droplet for each of my WordPress blogs. Now I'm more than happy with the performance and downtime. But there is a downside too as I'll have to manage the disaster management. They don't take backups and all automatically unless I pay extra. So I'll have to backup files and MySQL db every week.
  16. Btw has anyone tried namecheap shared hosting? I've been using their domain registration service which is pretty cool compared to my experience at GoDaddy but I'm not sure about their hosting services. Any thoughts?
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  17. For the price you are paying, I don't think that is a major issue. You can backup using CodeGuard and VaultPress for only $5 per month. These services backup everything automatically and feature one click restores. Plus it is always safer to keep your backups in an external location as if something bad happens at your main data centre, your main files and your backup, will be lost.
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  18. Ya definitely agree with Kevin on this. I use VaultPress as well and love them. Even though my host takes automated backups it is always better to have another backup.
    $5 a month is a tiny price to pay for peace of mind :)
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