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Host Gator or ?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Dawnr, Nov 17, 2014.

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  2. Agreed. I would prefer if hosting companies removed internal backups and dropped their prices, since I haven't had to ask a company to retrieve data from a backup for years. Specifically, since I started using VaultPress.

    I'm using CodeGuard to backup this forum. That's a great service too and one I highly recommend.
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  3. @Kevin Muldoon I bought VaultPress as I'm running a WP site. The initial backup is running now. Already feeling relived
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  4. @Dawnr - If you (or anyone else) has had problems with HostGator, BlueHost, or HostMonster, I'm not sure how things will get much better switching to A Small Orange or HostNine.

    Sure, things sound great as they sell you on the phone, but they are owned by the same company. Source - Endurance International Group's website.

    Here's the problem with most web-hosting companies - because they own the resources, they control the rules. If they want to throttle your resources down, they can. BH introduced this as a "feature" in 2009 (source - their Wikipedia page).

    @Jay Mayu - DigitalOcean is one of the better web-hosting companies at the moment, however I feel it is more geared toward a developer. As they started in 2011, there is a lot less power corruption compared to older web-hosting companies. It will be interesting to see if they can keep a good perspective as they grow though.

    @Brian Jackson / @Kevin Muldoon - I agree that it is wise to consider having a backup with another company.

    That said, the cost of an internal backup is at MOST $5 for the hosting company in total. Not even per month. The added cost comes more because they own the resources and you have to rent from them.

    * Disclaimer: I am working at a web-hosting tech start-up that's geared for bloggers and internet entrepreneurs that are fed up with the charades and gimmicks of inauthentic and non-transparent web-hosting companies.

    Gets off soapbox. Would be happy to provide any other insight into the web-hosting industry if you like :).
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  5. Sorry folks, I didn't realize I had more activity on this thread. So I jumped over to Host9. Because I am new to Cpanel (I've been using Go Daddy's Linux) I paid a very small fee to have them migrate my WP sites. Actually I had a mess over at GD and they straightened it out for me, sort of. My biggest apprehension with this company is their support model. You can live chat with them as often as you like and as long as it's a little thing that a junior tech can handle (yes, the junior techs man the chat rooms) you can get assistance fairly quickly. However if you need something serious, you have to open a ticket for the senior techs. That's where my apprehension kicks in. It took a week to converse with these guys via email about the migration. I had lots of questions and there were weird things happening on my GD account that they needed to be aware of. Of course the sales people will tell you, Support will call you if you want...that was not the case. So I have a 45 day guarantee and I'm not sure I want to stay simply due to how their support works.

    @Jdquey can you share the name of the company you work for?
  6. I work with Decibite. If you are wanting something before the campaign, while we are collecting emails for our Kickstarter campaign, we can already offer 92.7% of what we are offering right now with our beta servers.

    Also to keep things open and transparent, we have a stretch goal to get 24/7 direct technical support. So for someone switching now, they will get our CTO's Skype and direct line to him.

    Otherwise, we would love it even if you just signed up on our site! :)
  7. @Jdquey This is a very interesting concept and one that I believe deserves a serious look. I've signed up for your Kickstarter and would like to learn more. I've often thought to myself, how expensive can a dedicated server cost for Blue Host and others to be charging what they do. In essence, it's paying CEO salaries, to be sure. At least that is my opinion based on my limited knowledge. So questions here...what happens when the server you've purchased or have nodes for gets old and outdated? How does the company work if someone on the server has a DDoS attack? How will you handle SSL's? Lot's of questions :).
  8. 1. Part of the maintenance fee goes towards updating all hardware. If someone wants faster speeds, that can be purchased at a very reasonable price.
    2. We work like magic :). We've got systems in place to monitor any unusual activity and to automatically boost resources to someone's account if traffic reaches an unusually high threshold. A couple weeks ago we had reports of two moderate DDoS attacks and a large one on a game server (which is where they are most common). The first two did not even register on the log whereas the large one did on one set of records, but didn't seem to affect anything when we manually checked.
    3. Everyone receives one SSL, domain name, and transfer with their server package. That alone almost beats the cost compared to other hosting companies!

    Not sure if I quite answered your questions completely as I wasn't entirely clear what you were asking, so feel free to re-clarify if I didn't!
  9. @Jdquey yep you answered my questions. Is that a wildcard SSL or would one have to purchase additional SSL's for each domain you want covered? When (approximately) do you plan to launch your Kickstarter?
  10. NameCheap is the only registrar whose webhosting services I've heard to be good, though haven't tried myself.
  11. I don't see there's much effect of people knowing about EIG and them owning all those 50 or so webhosting companies. These webhosts still have the most number of customers.

    Even many of the big name bloggers and influencers still recommend host gator and blue host. Probably because they earn a lot of affiliate income from them. Not sure.
  12. 1. I point it out to say that simply switching from one sister site to another isn't going to do much good once they start becoming more like the parent company.
    2. Having the most customers doesn't make them the best.
    3. Most big bloggers recommend EIG because they payout a nice affiliation premium. Some I've even heard say they don't even use that service themselves (Michael Hyatt being one off the top of my head).
  13. @Dawnr It is not a wildcard, so we suggest using the "www" sub domain as then the SSL certificate will also cover the core domain.

    We launch on the 25th. Almost there!!!
  14. @Jdquey awesome and congrats! I look forward to seeing what you guys have to offer. As far as the SSL goes, I think I'm going to open up that convo on another thread because I have questions on how to structure that. I know of a web designer that has 50+ eCommerce stores under 1 SSL. I sort of know how they're doing it but I'm missing a piece of the puzzle. Thanks!
  15. If you like, you can chat with our CTO on Skype - ben.leavitt. Just let him know I sent ya when sending the invite so we know it isn't spam :p
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  16. Thanks Jdquey! :)
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  17. Personally, I really like BlueHost and SiteGround. SiteGround has always been quick to respond and solve issues that I didn't have time to take care of myself.
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  18. I had a REALLY, SUPER bad experience with InMotion Hosting. They got loose motions, it seemed.

    Instead of fixing issues, they made my websites (all of them) inaccessible. For most of them, I had backups, so I moved them to another host.

    Their sysadmin even changed my cPanel password without informing me, and then refused to accept he they that. Later, they accepted their fault.

    Terrible company to host with. They can cause you loose motions, or even a heart attack, so beware!

    Not to mention, they responded on each followup, after 24 hours.

    Just imagine how long would have one can take them, because you may need to followup or they may need additional info from you. One week+ for simple issues is normal with them.
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  19. Good info @Raspal. Sounds like a nightmare.

    I'm trying out Host Nine which is a sister company of A Small Orange. I was apprehensive with going with this company because there is zero phone support. When I went through the migration debacle, I'll be truthful, it took quite awhile because I had to deal with Senior Tech Staff which was through email and it took about a day to get a return response. So my migration, because it was part cPanel and part Linux, took about a week and the guy that eventually ended up migrating, didn't look through the email string, he just did it which caused data loss issues. Thankfully, I have backups and I have learned a lot more than I knew when I started this whole process. That said, it still ticked me off. Host Nine's live chat support so far has been awesome and now I prefer it to phoning. They have been super responsive and very helpful. So far I only have the complaint that if you have to deal with a Senior Tech, plan on it taking a bit. I question their responsiveness if something big were to happen, like what Kevin dealt with a few months back with a DDoS attack. I'm waiting for Decibite to launch so I can see what they have going on. All in all, when I move again, I will make sure the new host has phone support for the major stuff and also live chat as I've come to like that a lot.

    By the way @Raspal, I registered a few domains through Name Cheap and wow, I love that their private registration is just a few bucks compared to Go Daddy's $10-14! I've registered a few domains over there and may pull a few from GD as they renew. Thanks for mentioning them.
  20. CPanel is the best and if you want to change hosts they have a simple transfer tool. It's a great way to feel safe about moving hosts if needed.

    Big fan of any host that uses CPanel.
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