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Hosting Setup for WordPress Websites

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Alex de Borba, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. @Kevin Muldoon I did not understood the question, as they will not configure anything for me, just convert the .htaccess and import the database.
  2. Sorry, I should have clarified what I meant.

    Synthesis limit what customers can do. For example, I was unable to transfer a database to them because the file upload size was limited to 2MB at the time. When I asked them to raise the limit, I didn't get a reply for several hours. If I had control over the WHM from the start I could have adjusted the database upload limit myself within limits. Instead, a five minute task took several hours to complete. I found the whole experience infuriating because of that.
  3. We were to purchase their Pro Plan yesterday but left it on hold whence I asked them about plugins etc, and they said we would have to remove both WP Rocket and iThemes Security Pro, both of these plugins are paid, and they haven't checked everything we run, and almost all are paid plugins we have installed so it left me a bit uneasy, even thus I understand they don't run Apache it is quite of a money throw if we consider how much both plugins cost us.

    Our database is currently 7MB at this time, I haven't found mentions of limits regarding databases but they don't run WHM/cPanel as well and I highly doubt we can increase the limit with a php.ini

    Currently I am checking WP Engine as alternative, we just want to move away from SiteGround as soon as possible. Kinsta was our initial option but their pricing is too high for now, this not to mention that if we do some research, we come across with posts that pinpoint their support as slow, especially during the weekends.

    Our issue with SiteGround has been constant timeouts, we released the site on Feb 1st and took a few minutes to have major issues which lead the site to crash land until Feb 4, and they did not helped, hours in wait made me dig into it and resolve part of the issue by putting the site back on, but now, we have some odd issues with JS blocks that prevent our audio player from loading and our main menu from dropping down. Until today, we are unable to update the site, which should be daily, because of 502 error pages that appear almost every time we attempt to save something. SiteGround support only answered my tickets after I put the site back on and bashed them asking why I was doing their job.
  4. The database limit was for uploading files. There was no limit on the database size.

    I would be reluctant to start deactivating plugins you actively use too. Plus I found their support unforgivably slow. Several hours to respond to a ticket request is unacceptable; particularly when the ticket was only created because they limited what I could do. I really don't think they do anything to justify the cost they are charging.

    Do you need to host with a dedicated WordPress host? Unless you need a hosting company to handle everything for you, you would pay a third or a quarter of the price just hosting with a regular hosting company that offered a good VPS.

    If you mind me asking, what is your total budget for hosting?

    There are a lot of great hosting companies out there so I would not limit yourself to managed WordPress hosting companies; particularly as very few of them actually control their own data centres. Most are using servers hosted by companies such as OVH.

    I published a hosting guide on my blog recently that has some articles about all of this. Check it out and feel free to ask me if you are unsure of anything.
  5. I am reluctant as well when it comes to deactivate around 200 dollars in plugins just to have it run elsewhere.

    I prefer a WordPress dedicated team and host not because I wish them to run everything for me, it is more due to the machines setup as well as to reach a support team that knows what they are doing and are specifically focused on this, and nothing more. Our needs are for more than 20GB of disk and 2GB RAM, and our budget is of 100/month. You can suggest any company for me to check it out, but I am sure I already tried most and I have a policy NOT to host under any provider owned by Endurance International Group such as HostGator, BlueHost etc.
  6. EIG are ok for shared hosting. That is where they make their money i.e. from beginner's who have no experience. I would never purchase a VPS or dedicated server with them.

    I have some companies listed here. There are companies such as Flywheel and LiquidWeb that offer some interesting features. Pressidium look good too.

    Why not put your needs down in an email and fire it off to several companies and then take it from there. Personally, I wouldn't host with any company that told me to deactivate plugins unless they had a very good explanation as to why they were not permitted (i.e. security issues etc). Most of the time I suspect these companies just don't want any plugins that use up CPU time.

    You should also remember that you can hire a server management team separately and then host your company with any service you like.
  7. Working with LiquidWeb was a nightmare, if I am not mistaken, a backup restore costs around 100 dollars, or used too. Flywheel seems to be a fine host so I tried to reach them through the chat to see how it goes, but they are currently unavailable. They mention SSL Support but I don't find information regarding it, I mean, if they provide SSL with the plan, or if they support SSL installations only if we get the SSL elsewhere.

    Pressidium seems interesting as well, and cheaper. But there is not much to read about them.

    Instead of sending emails I am either entering their chats or calling over, sounds more reasonable to me and faster to reach them this way. Regarding management team, I keep everything in-house by handling most of the things, however, we will be hiring sometime soon WordPress developers to handle most of my tasks and free my time from this, besides creating our own plugins through another side-company I am founding with my girlfriend.
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  8. A backup restore costs $100?

    Are you talking about them restoring a full backup that they themselves made on your behalf? Or are you talking about them restoring a backup you provided yourself or from a third-party service?

    Yeah I think you are right to call. Much quicker and it will give you a better indication as to what kind of support you receive. I spoke with the Flywheel guys before and their operation seems legit. :)

    p.s. I can change the title of this thread if necessary :)
  9. Restore over SiteGround costs almost 50 dollars as well, and the last they did for me, was corrupted. I am talking about a full restore done by them.

    SiteGround like I said elsewhere in this forum, backups your data but apparently, not daily, and keeps the backups out of your reach, you have to pay them to have it restored, and in one occasion my company paid, and took them almost 6 hours to reach back saying it was restored. I am currently very inclined to go for Pressidium, their plans are cheaper and they seem to be quite solid. They don't host emails but that's fine, we run Google Apps for Business so we have our emails hosted with Google anyway. I am just trying to know about SSL, as our issue is that we purchased one via SiteGround, but they do not allow us to transit the SSL unless we pay them 199 dollars to do so.
  10. Internal website backups are close to worthless in my opinion as so many companies keep them in the same data centre. Therefore, when there is a problem with the main server, the backup server is affected too.

    If any company offers internal backups, I believe they should perform restores free of charge. It's a different story for external backups that they were not responsible for.

    You should definitely consider backing up to Amazon S3. Dirt cheap and very reliable.

    Pressidium looks good. I use Google Apps as well. From a security point of view, you never want your emails going through your hosting company's server anyways :)
  11. Internal backups is something they offer by default so I let it run, yet, keeping always an alternative at hand. I used Amazon S3 often and somehow with time I became bored with it, even thus the setup is simple et all, of late I haven't paid much attention to AWS whatsoever.

    Pressidium in fact, does look promising, and I am just pending on their SSL reply. They seem to follow closely a WP Engine concept but more open to have plugins running freely without imposing limitations. Strangely, I have never heard of them before. Either way, today we have to migrate elsewhere before SiteGround renews the plan and we lose 114 dollars for nothing,

    Besides Google Apps for Business, we also took our domain from SiteGround some months ago and move it to Name.com, to have control over DNS. SiteGround offers domains for sale but no platform to manage DNS with them. All in all, we are trying as a company, to be as much independent as possible other than having everything stacked in one single house.
  12. I will send you an email about this just now Alex :)
  13. I am checking Pressable and Pagely, and insight on them?
  14. I have never hosted with them personally. Even when these types of companies give me a test account to see what their service is like, I think it's difficult to know the quality of a host until you have hosted your own websites with them and experienced uptime and support firsthand.
  15. Already replied to your email :notworthy:
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