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How Can Rise Forums Members Help Each Other in 2015

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by Kevin Muldoon, Dec 28, 2014.

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  1. Rise Forums is a growing community and I want that to continue in 2015.

    What I hope to do is make it easier for members to help each other on Rise Forums. Whether it be website owners who want to network, beginners who need help, or entrepreneurs that want feedback on their products and services.

    I'd love to hear suggestions on how you think we could do this.

    Should we add a room for affiliate companies to reach affiliates? Or perhaps a room where companies offer free copies of their products in exchange for reviews and feedback?

    I'd love to hear any suggestions you have. :)

  2. Well one thing I would definitely like is allow to post and receive jobs. Sometimes a developer is busy so if they can pass on extra work to fellow members who have spare time on "white label" basis then I think that without disclosing who did it extra work could be taken and passed on.
  3. I love to see riseforum keep growing in upcoming years. This is the first forum I have joined for blogging, marketing and coding relayed help and want to stick with it.

    As for my thinking, engagement of members is necessary, for that, some great tutorial posts, freebies and latest trend and technology in the web word must be covered at priority with quality. A good way is to categories users, for ex., 1) web designer and developers , 2) Internet marketer and bloggers and 3) service providers . Further they should be also categories as newcomers or expert.
    Riseforum should have engaging content for all of them. Expert web designer and developer should write tutorial posts for newcomers, same for others two. With time to time some freebies, like, theme, plugin, guides etc should be released for members.

    Also, new members who join and disappear should be bring back on forum by mail campaigns, etc.

    Moderators can also play an important roles, Instead of global moderators, forum wise moderators should be appointed, for ex, Internet marketing forum should have moderators who are expert of this niche. Its moderators responsibility to keep track on threads and see if threads has potential and can productive, Also special attention to thread which have query related to members problem.

    I also agree with prakash suggestion, It will be great especially for members who are developers.
  4. We already have a job board. Perhaps you missed it :)

    Great suggestions Sanjay.

    Tutorials is something I have been thinking about for some time. The idea would be for certain members to have permission to post tutorials. We can then share those tutorials in a specific room. I like the idea of categorising each tutorial too. Categories wouldn't be a priority initially, but once there are more tutorials, I think it would be very useful.

    I am also hoping to work with sponsors to provide more competitions etc.

    When I first launched Rise Forums, I started an email list. Then I stopped promoting it. At this point, it would be better to handle this kind of thing via the forum software as it allows people to opt out through their profile. One thing I could do is a monthly newsletter, though I could also use it to promote competitions.

    With regards to moderators, there are certainly advantages to having specific moderators of rooms. For a large forum, it is usually better to assign moderators to a particular room due to the volume of posts. However, at the moment, Rise Forums is far from that point. We are still too quiet for room moderators. It would be a case of "Too many cooks spoil the broth" i.e. there would be more moderators posting than regular members.
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  5. Definitely this is good move.

    Yes it is good, but I have seen that lot of members register and disappear without making any post and only few of them return back only to see what is going on, In that case they will never get any mail form forum software. Most of them don't get engage and don't return the forum (I am saying it because of my experience with my animal forum). So create newsletter for them telling what interesting, offers, job etc is available on forum. This may inspire them to get engage on forum at starting. In short they should be inspired to make some starting. Or you can make some specific area for new members where they should be redirected, when they first sign up, for example, I sent first welcome email to my members with the hot and new thread links to start with.

    I agree with you on this kevin.

    One more thing that strike to my mind, you can sponsor riseforums to different blog, providing the owner free premium membership for certain time period or for some exchange of links or review about their blog/website.

    This is just my though I may be wrong :) , Since I don't have experience in this field as other member have.
  6. Hey @Kevin Muldoon Merry Christmas

    This is definitely going to be interesting and I'm sure will give the forum more exposure. I cast my vote for this
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  7. I will look more into the newsletter issue.

    Thanks for the suggestion of providing premium membership in exchange for links. It's a good idea.

    I realise that many members cannot afford memberships. In the past, I promoted Rise Forums a little by offering free memberships via competitions. I stopped this for a number of reasons. (1) Many who won a membership did not even participate in the forum, and, (2) The few that did participate only did so for a short period of time and many spent all their energy trying to promote their websites, rather than joining in. (3) It is perhaps unfair to those who do pay.

    I think the offer of say three month's membership in exchange for a review is fair. We could place a restriction in which this offer was only open to members who had, say, 100 posts. That would hopefully eliminate people publishing reviews on low traffic websites and then posting an advertisement here.

    Ultimately, I do not want to cheapen the membership for those that do pay; however I do want to help members like yourself who do contribute to the forum.
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  8. Good thoughts kevin. Wish you luck with the forum
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  9. Kevin, I'm here to network and share - while I do prefer a smaller crowd to make meaningful connections and real friends, I am glad to know you'll focus on growing Rise Forums in 2015. I'll help tweet and promote this place to my subscribers! Cheers :)
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  10. Thanks Jerry. I appreciate it.

    I realise Rise Forums is not perfect. I think there is a lot of ways I could help the forum evolve to encourage more sign ups and help members get more from the forum. I will do my best to respond to suggestions from members.

    For example, I probably should remove the premium option at one point and allow things like signatures for those that have a set number of posts. One good thing about restricting things like that is that it cuts down on spam. This is particularly true for private messaging.

    In fact, I would support disabling private messaging altogether as I have seen it abused many times on forums (spam and several incidents that escalated because of people messaging each other on the forum).
  11. Hi Kevin,

    I was thinking, If there is way to initiate PM by only premium members or staff to communicate with any registered member and also allow them to reply back.

    In short, normal members can not initiate PM by their own, but can receive and reply PMs sent by premium members or moderators.
  12. Hi Sanjay.

    It is possible to do that. If it is something that premium members would like, I would be happy to implement it, as it would allow premium members to contact anyone they want.

    The rule is in place as it greatly reduces spamming. I have been on many forums in which a spammer will personally message hundreds of members to ask them to purchase something or visit their website. And by restricting access to this functionality to those who upgrade, we can pretty much eliminate that threat (though premium members could do this too, but is much less likely).

    Additionally, we need to ensure that we offer something to those who upgrade. There are no advertisements on this forum and that is something I am keen to remain as it ensures the forum loads quickly. And I do not feel that banner ads are a good model moving forward since so many people block them. Though I could do something such as display ads to those who are not signed in. That is one option I could look at.

    $97 per year works out at only $8.08 per month; which is pretty good when you consider that forums such as ProBlogger.com charge $199 per year. That works out at at $16.58 per month.

    I don't want free members to feel forced to upgrade; but obviously the more features we give to free members, the less incentive they do have to upgrade. It's a difficult act to balance.

    I know that a member's worth is not defined by whether they upgrade or not. There are many good members like yourself who help others out wherever they can.

    Getting back to the issue of private messaging, if premium members would like the option of sending messages to standard members, I am happy to implement it. Thanks for the suggestion Sanjay. Much appreciated :)
  13. Yes, It is upto premium members.
    I can understand there are lot of things going through your mind, You are experienced and I am sure you will take better decision.

    As per my understanding, A member will signup for premium account only if he/she is getting something valuable which he/she can be utilize to grow his/her presence and reach.
    So basically you have to think of way to provide something useful to premium members that they can benefit of.

    However, Currently all your focus should be to grow forum, Once you have 2500-3000 active members, you can then start implementing and experimenting different strategies to convert them into premium members.
  14. You may be right Sanjay.

    The key focus on the forum is growth, not profit. I am happy for the forum to run at a loss until it has been established.

    So I guess the question is whether the current setup is hurting our growth. Do you all think we are losing members because the free membership is limited?

    Private messages is still something I would restrict on free accounts to limit spamming etc (as discussed in my previous post above); however, I could add more benefits to free accounts. I could allow signatures, posting in the marketplace etc. And perhaps I could allow private messaging once a member has reached a certain number of blog posts.

    What do you all think?

    I think Sanjay hit upon a very good point that the main focus right now should be growth. So my question to all of you is: Would you be more active on the forum if your account had features such as signatures etc?

    As Sanjay rightly points out, this could be a temporary measure for say 6 months. And once the forum has become more active, we can then review the situation.

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