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How Can We Earn More and Work Less in 2015?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Joe F, Dec 19, 2014.

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  1. Not much. Been incredibly busy with a few personal issues that kinda knocked me back a bit. Also: organising a WordCamp is hard!

    I'm yet to launch WP Email Capture v3.0. I probably should just "Publish & Be Damned". I am planning on clearing a few items off my backlog list within the next few weeks, launching I think beginning of November by the looks of things.

    Fingers crossed!
  2. Looking forward to seeing that Rhys.

    I can only imagine how much work goes into organising a WordCamp event. Do you think it is something you would want to do again?
  3. Where's the 'burn out' coming from Joe? Are there some things that burn you out more than others? Maybe avoid the really fire-lighting ones? :(
  4. Sorry - posted that last reply here twice accidentally...
  5. Yes, I saw that in my Linkedin that the other Kevin and Sam were doing this project. It does look good so I hope it works out for you guys.

    I feel like I should try and put some of the knowledge I've learnt from blogging and blogging about this sort of thing, into practice and offer some kind of service. Whether that be more specific content marketing for a business website, doing their sales copywriting, email marketing, seo, etc.

    Moving into the realm of trying to actually generate leads and make conversions for a business, is a whole other level up from just writing blog posts for websites though. But probably a lot more fun/rewarding as you are actually involved in the process. Whereas with freelance blogging, you never know if anyone actually reads your posts, or if they bring in traffic, or make a sales/conversions. Once you press submit on a post, you never really know what happens to it after that, apart from the odd comment or retweet you might see.

    Mainly just the whole process of writing! Forcing myself to sit down and write a few 1000 words can be quite hard at times. Mostly, I'm ok once I get going, its just getting in the right mindset to get started.

    Will need to try and find something else to do alongside the writing to try and mix things up a bit for some much need variety.
  6. I have looked into launching a content marketing service in the past. What concerned me was not that I would be writing content or hiring others to write content, but that I would spend a lot of my time emailing websites for business. I receive approaches from "SEO" companies every day asking if they can submit a guest post, but I am always reluctant to do so; in part because of their poor grammar in their initial email.

    Their guest post contributions are always sub-par, which is why I believe that a content marketing service that only hired top writers could do well.

    However, with the time needed to get something like that off the ground, I would lean more towards launching a new blog or website.
  7. Yes, that is one of the great things about freelance blogging. Once you've got a client, you tend to stick with them for a long time so there is very little time spent on looking for work.

    As much as I moan about freelance blogging sometimes, on reflection, I do think it is one of the best ways to work as a freelancer:
    - recurring clients
    - very little start up costs
    - hardly any expenses
    - can work from anywhere
    - not too many technical skills needed
    - can write about pretty much anything

    Yeah, it looks pretty good on paper!
  8. The problem with freelancing is that you reach your maximum income very quickly. I have reached the point where I have increase my rates any further, clients will simply turn me down. Therefore, the only way to increase my income is to increase my hours, and that is not something I want to do.
  9. Ask me when it's all done :)
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  10. Have you ever thought about doing other types of writing, such as copy writing, which might pay more?
  11. I'm not sure I am too cut out for copywriting as it is more related to marketing. Not sure I have a natural gift for that type of thing.
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  13. Looks like a good book, but to be honest, I want to move away from freelance writing altogether and only do writing for my personal blog. I have some ideas for new websites that I am going to start researching.
  14. Sorry this might be a little off topic, but still in thread topic :)
    How do you guys deal with social security and medicare? I realize in different countries it is different. Since my employer is in Switzerland, I was lucky to work out a deal because in the US when you are self-employed (working for another country), they charge you double social security and medicare. Basically, because your employer in the US isn't matching it. I knew this before hand and saved myself, but I know it hurts a lot of self-employed people in the US.

    Sometimes has me wondering since I work 100% from home if I should ever look at moving somewhere cheaper. I need heat and sun, that is my requirement lol. You don't want to know how much my rent currently is. Thinking of all the money I could save if I lived outside the US.
  15. In the UK we have a national health service so all healthcare is free. You can, if you wish, choose to pay extra and go private.

    The NHS is something I believe in strongly and something I would happily pay higher tax to maintain.

    Have you considered living south of the border? There are a lot of great places in Central America and South America that you could live cheaper.
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  16. Yes I totally hear you on that Kevin. I'm reading that book and it is actually pretty good. But yeah, I'd rather diversify into something else.


    Yeah the NHS is great. Although not sure how long it will be around for?

    I think most countries have something similar, apart from the US?
  17. Yeah it seems the tories are trying to dismantle it down England. That's a real shame. I don't want my country to be split between the haves and have nots.
  18. +100000000000

    In Manchester there's so much work happening around the Tory conference. It's almost like they're scared of the people here. So much security.
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  19. Never a good sign if politicians needs so much police protection. It shows you how much their austerity program is hurting people.
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