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How Can You Enable The Author Bio For All Users In The Genesis Framework

Discussion in 'WordPress Themes' started by Kevin Muldoon, Aug 12, 2016.

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  1. In the Genesis framework there is an option for all users in their profiles to enable the author bio.

    Author Box

    Enable Author Box on this User's Posts?
    Enable Author Box on this User's Archives?
    For whatever reason, these fields have been disabled for all users on my blog. Perhaps this happened due to an update on Genesis or something.

    Does anyone know how to enable the author bio for all users so that the changes do not need to be made manually for all users?

    Just to clarify, I am not talking about adding the author bio to my theme. The author bio is already present. I just need to enable it for each user.

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    Is it missing in the dashboard options or live site?

    From GF changelog
    ## [2.3.0] - 2016-06-15
    * Prevent author shortcode from outputting empty markup when no author is assigned.
    * Disable author box on entries where post type doesn't support author.
    * Disable author shortcode output if author is not supported by post type.
  3. The bio is still being displayed on my blog but on every users profile the setting has been reset to disabled. I'm not sure why as they were all enabled previously.

    Only way i know of fixing this is to go into each user's profile and enable them again. I don't mind doing that, but a quicker fix would be useful it happened again.
  4. Could you send me your themes' functions.php file? I'll take a look.
  5. Thanks Kris.

    I'm just using Genesis Sample. I don't believe the file has any major modifications in it. I think I may have made modifications in the past but have since overwritten them.

    I've emailed you the file to let you check.

    I assumed this would have been an update issue rather than a functions issue.

  6. @Kris Hoja You're an absolute star.

    The two filters you sent me worked perfectly.

    For reference, if you add these filters to your theme functions.php file it will address the issue.

    add_filter'get_the_author_genesis_author_box_archive''__return_true' );
    add_filter'get_the_author_genesis_author_box_single''__return_true' );
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