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How Do You Create Staging Sites?

Discussion in 'WordPress Questions & Support' started by Raspal, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. @Kris Hoja , @Rhys Wynne and other developers - what do you guys use for staging?

    Do you create a staging site on your computer, or as in the above link, and tutorial from WPBeginner?

    I've used WP-Staging, Duplicator and also using a premium service called WP Stage Coach. Not satisfied with any of the above results. There are problems with each of these. Also, support takes a very long time to respond when needed in the latter case.

    How do you create staging sites and then sync to/migrate to the live site?
  2. Still local dev and then Duplicator :)
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  3. Pretty much the same. I have 3 environments for personal use, 4 professionally. Any and all dev gets done locally before getting pushed to another VBox I have. When it's confirmed to be working, it gets pushed on. Since I don't use WP I don't have duplicator, however I do maintain a list of files and db changes.

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  4. I develop on local and then push it on main server. I use a some tools which easily fix hardcoded links to correct one.
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  5. Which tools do you use to fix hardcoded links?
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    Wow that's a lot to manage - 7 platforms for staging! Which ones do you use and recommend more?

    Never had problems with duplicator?

    One thing about local dev. is we can't show the site to the client before duplicating it online.

    What do you use for local dev? One of the AMPs?
  7. @Raspal some themes are problematic (ex. Divi), but it's not something difficult to deal with.

    When site is on local dev environment there is usually nothing to show ;) Once it gets close to the final version it goes online to test server (hidden by htpasswd)

    I'm using ServerPress, but I'm now looking for improved experience by switching to Linux and integrating Git to push dev to test server automatically and keep version control/code backup on BitBucket.
    I'm actually reading about different solutions to have best Linux development environment.
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  8. I'm on Homestead, a Laravel Vagrant Box :)
  9. I use this https://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/ and it never disappointed me.

    I moved it to earlier, But I think it is overdo if you are single person and doing light development. Vagrantbox is good if you have team and you want exact server configuration as your production on your development machine. I again moved to my local window development machine which is much easier to handle if you do not looking for linux server features while developing a project.
    If you are hardcore developer it is better to develop on some local linux development machine.

    I have installed PHP, MySQL and Apache separately and configured them to work on my local windows.
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  10. Hmm, developing on linux without vagrant might be dangerous though. I did that when I was working on Rails. Right now in Laracasts, the best practice would be to use Vagrant Boxes as it is safer. Also helps me to work on both Laravel and WordPress projects.
  11. Definitely, If you aim to make development as your career option and wants to work with world leading company as developer using these tools will enhance you.
    In my case I want to develop only for few of my clients and for my personnel projects. I mostly worked as singe developer so sometime using these tools is overdo for me.

    That doesn't mean I do not follow web development latest trends. I also love laravel a lot and use it for custom development. I am following development of NodeJs and Golang, NoSql and many Javascript framework and library
  12. I develop on local (I have VVV and VV set up for a vagrant setup). I then push it to staging (my host - 34SP - have a one click staging site), then live. Sometimes (if I need to do something quick like test a plugin or a CSS fix), I do the change on staging.
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  13. great sharing @Sanjay Ojha & @Rhys Wynne :) I do hope to launch my own plugins soon. (3 months hopefully)

    Currently juggling between development and blogging. Any thoughts on that?
  14. To be clear - 3 are for my personal use (side projects, etc.), 4 are for my 9-5.

    My personal rundown is as follows:
    • Ubuntu XAMPP - for quick and easy dev, doesn't require any VMs.
    • CentOS with PHP/MySQL - when I'm ready to test anything that's been developed;
    • HostMonster Shared Server - Don't have too much control over this, is currently running PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.5 (Unknown Linux OS).
    This is obviously not what I'd be working with ideally - however, I don't have any real personal projects live right now, so there's not much need to pay for a VM.
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    @Kris Hoja do let me know if you find a better solution.

    UPDATE: BTW, I asked WP Stage Coach, for a refund, after waiting 9 days for my problem to be resolved, and 5 days after the last interaction on the ticket from their side.
  16. I'm not a hardcore dev. yet, but may become one soon. But, I'm at home with Linux and the command-line as I've used all the major Linux distros.

    I could install it on my PC (need another hard drive though) instead of installing AMP on Windows, and use it for staging. Would be best, won't it?
  17. So, do you host your client sites on 34SP too?

    I thought only SiteGround had this staging option. How's 34SP? Never heard about them before.
  18. I don't have clients but I host my own sites on them.

    It's a fairly old UK based company that has been growing recently into the WordPress space. They generally sponsor the UK WordCamps which is why I've heard of them :)
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