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How do you describe what you do for work?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Joe F, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. As a freelance blogger I mainly say that I work online and leave it at that unless pressed.

    I don't really like to use the term blogger to describe myself as that seems to have negative connotations with people who don't blog and are unfamiliar with the concept - plus I don't actually have a (active) blog of my own!

    Although I get paid to write, I wouldn't feel comfortable calling myself a writer as that implies you are an author, which I am not.

    Most of what I write is for the purposes of marketing, or advertising items. But I wouldn't really consider myself a marketer.

    Do other freelancers feel the same? If you code plugins, would you describe yourself as a programmer?

    If you design logos, do your call yourself an artist, or designer, or just image editor?

    I guess it comes down to how comfortable you feel with self-promotion. I could technically call myself a writer, but I wouldn't really feel that I am a writer.

  2. When someone asks what I do, I usually just say "I work on the internet". Most people leave it at that, but if they ask more I say that "I own some websites and do some freelance writing from time to time".

    I don't like talking about what I do for a living as I'm not one for talking about myself. Plus many people don't really know what I know and explaining it can be tedious; particularly if they think the internet is Facebook and YouTube.

    However, if someone is involved with internet marketing themselves, I love chatting away with them :)
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  3. I literally get asked this all the time. The other day the person cutting my hair asked... and I have learned to dumb down my answer quite a bit lol. What I say now is "You know the ads you see in Google? I make those appear..." And I leave it at that. If I mention PPC or SEO people's eyes tend to roll over.
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  4. They probably think you are the guy who makes the ads all colourful :)
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  5. or that you work for Google and designed their search engine ;)
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  6. I feel the same way.
    Hey Brain, I answer this way too, but instead of Google, I said Facebook. Sometimes I said "I made those pop-up you hate".

    But since mmo isn't my full time, i'll just tell them my day job - Blacksmith/mechanic
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  7. Some terms I use:

    Online marketer
    I published an article (vs. blog/post)

    Just gotta find the write ward to use ;)
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  8. Joe, you are a writer. I mean, that's not all you are, but you do write! A lot! For money. So in my opinion, yes, you're a writer.

    I think you're saying you don't feel comfortable saying you're a writer because you're not writing books. But what if you were published in a magazine? Would that be enough? What if you self published a book?

    I do know what you mean, that saying you're a writer feels like you're saying you're a great author or something. But I think your writing *is* good, that is what you do for a living, and it would be truthful to say you're a writer.
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  9. Thanks, that is nice of you to say!

    Yes, I hear what you are saying. If I had an article in a magazine I would probably say I'm a journalist - if it was a newsy piece. As for a self-published book, if people were buying it then I guess I would feel ok saying I was a writer.
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  10. You're welcome, Joe. It's true.
  11. @Joe F - I agree with @Heather that you're a writer, but just to go back to your original point - there's no shame in referring to yourself as a blogger. If others don't get it or think poorly of it, that's their problem and their lack of understanding. If you are a blogger (and to say that you should be paid for blogging, not tapping up words pointlessly about your cats and what you had for tea), which you are, then be proud of it. So many people out there would love to be paid to write but can't or don't know how to. Stand tall, walk tall and be proud.
  12. I say I'm a drug dealer, I get less questions :D
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