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How do you do your invoices for freelance writing?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Heather, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. Hello,

    How do you do your invoices for your freelance writing?

    Thank you!

  2. For now I'm going to make one with a template in Word, but I'd love to hear what you all do and if you have any tips or important things to remember.

    Kevin, I remember you talked about this in your book, too. I will check that out.
  3. You can send invoices with a free PayPal business account.

    I also recommend Freshbooks. Plans start at $10 per month. I have used it in the past and it is super easy. Sends auto reminders, you can set it up with Stripe so that when they pay by Credit Card it auto deposits straight into your bank account (no need to transfer like PayPal). Come tax time simply export to TurboTax and your done :)
    They recently integrated WePay which goes a step further and adds the transaction fee as an expense into your records so basically everything is tracked.

    As far as design goes I guess I have always just used Paypal invoice or Freshbooks and add my logo.
  4. I only send invoices when a client requests it. I am usually happy to be paid directly through PayPal without an invoice. But if a client requests an invoice, I will provide one.
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  5. I use Freshbooks. It has a monthly fee but it saves me a lot of time.
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  6. Ah, I'm using Odoo, which is basically the revamped version of OpenERP. For SMB, it's free! :)
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  7. Me, too, so far... When someone requests one, do you use a template and/or just do something really simple?
  8. I'm using something similar to Freshbooks but for polish market.
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  9. I just use a simple Word template that I save as a PDF and then send them it. I can send you an invoice I have if you would like to use it as a template :)
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  10. Depending on your word skills vs. html skills, it may be easier to build an HTML template, and then use wkhtmltopdf to generate the PDF - it's actually how I built my current resume :)
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  11. That would be great, Kevin.
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    That's neat, Kevin. Great idea. I might try that, too.
  13. @Heather : you can try using InvoiceTo, it's free and you can save the invoice as a PDF.

    Another option is Invoiceable, but they put their link in the footer. You can get it removed by paying a one time fee.

    IMO, InvoiceTo is quite easy to use.
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  14. Thanks, Raspal! So many good options! :)
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