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How I got 50 New Email Signups in Less than 4 hours

Discussion in 'WordPress Theme & Plugin Development' started by enstine, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. It's interesting when you see real people jumping on your list

    The guys are plugmatter.com have done a great job. After setting up their plugins, in about 3 hours, I have 50 new readers on my list.

    Here is what it looks like on my blog


    And just today

    Before I set the plugin, I had just 2. So you see 50 added. Before the next 24 hours, this should double as traffic keeps pouring on my blog

    While I prefer feature box to popup?
    Popup is intrusive. Feature box is not

    What do you use?
  2. Plugmatter looks ok, but their marketing team is annoying as hell. They keep spamming me with emails. Not cool.

    I still use Optin Forms. It's 100% free to use.
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  3. Hey @Kevin Muldoon I'm just starting with them and I think the plugin does well. I like the ease of use and just suggested some features to them. I just checked Optin Forms too and that looks attractive ;)
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