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How many times do you blog /week?

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Leo Koo, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. Hey there!

    Was reading up on Mashable when it became clear that Peter started by blogging 5 articles/day. I struggle to output 2 meaningful ones (unless I'm covering news, which is faster)

    But what about yourself? Which ones works best for you? I find that some of the articles I spend 2-3 days crafting, has brought in a constant stream of visitors, even 6 months after the initial article launch date.

    Considering pushing it up to 3 articles/day, but wow, it's tough!
  2. It's not easy for me to post one a week, but that's my goal. :) So I can relate to you. I am not a fast writer, plus, I have little time and many distractions.

    Good luck, Leo! I do hear that it gets easier.
  3. Ah, guess you're not doing this full time? :) giving myself 6 months or more to drive traffic. I thank God that some traffic has been converting well, which helps pay the bill and let me write more :)
  4. Oh, no! Not full time... :) Just for fun and hopefully to develop into something that I can monetize later. That's great that some traffic is converting well. Are you doing this full time?
  5. Hey Heather! Yep. Am actually running an online store, but I found traffic hard to come by. And in my frustration, I started writing about general tech which then started bringing in visitors. After which, I started writing about mobile, smartphones and photography, which brought in even more visitors :)

    But I never had discipline to blog consistently, so the traffic grew slowly :( But when I started disciplining myself and blogged everyday, the traffic then started growing again. Unique visitors went up 100% within the last 2 weeks of regular blogging :)

    Am now covering some favourite Wordpress plugins too, as part of our review on web technology :) Not sure where this will take us.
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  6. Wow, that's great growth! And it seems like a great topic to focus on, with lots of opportunities for affiliate income. What is your website?
  7. If I am working full time on a blog, I could probably push out one great 2,000 to 3,000 word article per day or four or five 500 to 750 word articles.

    Though a higher posting frequency is easily met if you get the help from others. I was hoping to increase my posting schedule to twice per day. I kept it up for a week or so, but the current number of writers who are working for me support around one article per day. I should hopefully be able to increase posting frequency soon.
  8. Have you gotten faster at writing, Kevin, over your years of blogging? Has it gotten easier?
  9. hey @Heather ! It's TechGarage.my :) Only gotten consistent recently after trying out so many plugins and reading tons of 'best of plugins' articles, as I wanted it to be the best ecommerce store in Malaysia, at least for my niche.

    The good thing about WooCommerce, at least if you bought it early on, is its active development and lifetime for no extra cost. Like having a team of full time programmers adding features to your site on a regular basis :) Same goes with some really good premium plugins (not those spammy ones).

    I wanna focus more on Mobile and Photography, but will write a bit on Wordpress (and other web technologies) as there's a lot of lost people here in Malaysia. Basically, everyone goes through 'developers', who paste a few plugins, adjust the theme and makes USD 1000 - 1500 from them for 1-2 days work :(

    What about yourself? What's your web address?

    Wow @Kevin Muldoon ! That's a lot of articles per day. Do you use any particular software to remove distractions and just focus on writing? Have you heard of Oliver Emberton? He mentions that he only blogs once every few days or weeks, in order to write viral articles (some gets shared a few hundred thousand times)
  10. I always just write in the WordPress post editor. WordPress does have a distraction free editing mode, however it's not something I use.

    I have been writing less recently since I have been working with other bloggers etc. Though I can write a couple of thousand words per day easily if I do a full day.

    I've not heard of Oliver Emberton. What website does he run?
  11. Looks like a great blog. Every article seems like it has been researched thoroughly.
  12. The time taken to write an article depends on various factors.
    Article length, research time or subject knowledge, since how long you are writing articles, etc.

    List posts take a bit less time.
  13. If your goal is make the largest website with most content ever it would be a great way
    but if your goal is bring visitors and convert them to buyers or taking any other action
    You should focus on Continuity of targeted traffic that want to read this
    in other sense you should focus whether on quantity if you want your website look like some old website or or quality of readers that would love and check everyday if you post something new
  14. @Leo Koo Your website looks really nice! Pretty clean and uncluttered, even with all that is on it. How does that work, having a store like that? Do you act as the middleman sort of? (I mean, you don't keep items in stock yourself, right?)

    Mine is www.happinessmama.com. It's still new, but it's coming along.
  15. #16 Leo Koo, Nov 20, 2014
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2014
    Hey @kamal lakhr, although we speak about cornerstone content, which is long and detailed, Neil Patel mentioned recently that it is a myth :) Read below

    Thanks @Heather :) I actually had the store for a fair bit, but we used to only post once a month or something, as I was busy with meeting my dealers and trying to get them to buy more stuff from us. However, the industry i was in... tanked, and most dealers couldn't perform nor compete with online stores. In fact, they were asking us to
    1) Sell them stocks below cost =.=
    2) Start an online store for them and bring in a few thousand unique visitors/day, so that they can help me by buying my stocks =.="
    3) And while I'm doing that, to close my online store as well or they'll boycott us

    I guess you can see that they're pricks.

    I recently switched over to focus on writing (as advertising for our keywords were crazy expensive) and amazingly, traffic started picking up :) Our average traffic is 800% more than a year ago, though I blogged irregularly. My main aim now though, is to give it 6 to 12 months of pure writing :)

    Ah, yea. We dropship some stuff and keep stocks for the rest. Depends on how popular the items are :) However, I learn that you can have the best looking site out there and have no sales. That happened to my store for a fair bit (and our competitors as well). That's why the writing now.
  16. oh btw, I did an analysis of my posts on Google Analytics and guess what. I found that every time I had a few posts in a row, consistently within a few days, traffic spiked up and then it stabilised with a higher average sessions/day. This wasn't noticeable if I observed Wordpress' Stats, but if I looked at Google Analytics, posting regularly and a few articles a day, does make an impact on the traffic :)
  17. Hey Kevin,

    Just wondering, when you do write your blog posts, do you do so in "local" mode, or live -- or does it matter? I've always written my posts live, but since I'm logged-in, I've always wondered, if other visitors can access my dashboard.
  18. I always write posts on a live website so that I can access the article across devices. I don't like to store articles locally.
  19. Hey @Warren of TheSuperbLife, as long as the other users are set to be subscribers, they won't be able to view your posts :) Or you could even block subscribers from your backend
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