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How Much Developer Charge For Converting Psd To Wp?

Discussion in 'WordPress Theme & Plugin Development' started by Dewlance, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. Hello,

    I have decided to learn designing website in Photoshop instead of learning coding and also it will be easy for me to learn photoshop because of my Art skill is good.

    How much developers charge for converting PSD to Wordpress theme and add some basic option like change logo from Wordpress Dashboard.

    What is average charge for converting basic website design to wordpress?

  2. I know you are probably looking for a more specific answer, but the answer is "It Depends".

    It depends on what your expectations are for the project goes. This includes price and quality of coding.

    You could find a company that would do this for less than $100 in Asia. You may find companies in the same region with a good reputation charging anything between a few hundred to several hundred dollars.

    In Western countries such as the USA, prices might be much higher.

    If you are going down the budget route, you could start with a marketplace such as Fiverr.

    Most companies do not tell you how what the cost will be. You need to advise them of your requirements and they will then give you a quote. For example, http://www.psdtowordpressexpert.com/psd-to-wordpress-service.php and https://www.codeinwp.com/.

    Other companies will give you a price up front. For example, have a look at http://www.wordpressintegration.com/order.html.

    They charge $199 per page. Add in additional options, a few additional pages, and integration for popular WordPress plugins, and you may well be spending over $1,000.

    If you are paying too little, chances are that the developer/company is churning out lots of contracting jobs. This usually means that quality of coding isn't good. It is unlikely that WordPress standards would be followed. If you are planning on selling the design or uploading it to the WordPress.org theme directly, you could be left with a theme that looks great but is a failure because it does not function well.

    What are your expectations from this?

    Are you looking for someone to convert a design to WordPress and then you are going to develop the rest of the theme yourself?

    Will you be handing the PSD to WordPress conversion to a company to complete the theme?

    Is this for your own website? If so, I would recommend a premium or free WordPress template instead.

    Remember that whilst converting the design for WordPress is a vital step, it is not the only step. You really need to think about what you will have at the end of the job.

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  3. While a Photoshop expert can certainly name his/her price on certain services, theme design is not one of them. The simple fact is anyone can come up with a basic page structure and color theme using nothing more than MS Paint. I worked at an email marketing firm a few years ago, while a designer decided on the actual layout of those emails, I was the one who was paid to code them up properly - so not only did they look nice in a modern web browser, they looked nice in all email clients. Anyone who has tried designing cross-platform emails knows how much of a pain that can be. While I sucked at complex Photoshop tasks, I was good enough that after a month I could design my own email campaigns, because ultimately they all are very similar and you don't need strong Photoshop skills to design them. The same could not be said for the revolving door of designers who could not actually code.

    With that said: While it will certainly be helpful for you to learn basic Photoshop skills - if only for image editing on any websites you may own one day - if your brain works the right way (and not everyone's does), learning PHP and MySQL will open MUCH more doors for you in the long run.
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  4. As a guy who converts PSDs to themes, I like if design is based on a theme. So when I know we'll be doing website I first ask my client what he wants, then I decide if it's fine to use pre-made theme, easy to customise (read Divi :) ) or if it's a little bit more complex and I need more freedom for fireworks, etc, then I say Genesis Framework.

    As a next step I tell the guy who makes PSD layouts to keep in mind theme features, grid size, take a look on sites made on it.

    It's then way easier for developer to convert PSD to WP. - in this case I usually charge up to $1k
    But if client goes bananas simply it goes like this $1000 x crazy requests + magic = smile on my face while sending invoice.

    So in simple words:
    1. Create simple designs
    2. Keep it simple
    3. Keep it simple
    4. Keep it clean
    5. Keep in mind mobile devices
    6. Repeat elements - don't create 200 different sections
    7. Don't go bananas
    8. Keep it simple :)

    In many cases if you're not willing to charge end client over 3-4 thousand dollars (it also depends what are your living costs, how many clients you have per month, etc), design over a premium theme.
    You can buy one, learn how to use it (you don't have to know how to code PHP, but CSS might be useful), design over it. Many themes have multiple layouts (like BeTheme), so you're not really limited.

    One more thing, if you're just getting into web designing or even using Photoshop, don't think about converting it to WP right now. Create dozen of sample projects, put them on Behance and ask for review.

    PS. Take a look on Sketch and Adobe XD :)
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