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How to Convert HTML to Word Document?

Discussion in 'Design & Development' started by Kevin Muldoon, Aug 27, 2015.

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  1. I have a landing page and I want to use the same design for a report.

    The idea is that I would convert the landing page HTML to Word format and then use that as a template to create our PDF.

    I tried the service Online Convert, but the output was a mess and the design was not even copied.

    Have any of you had to do this before? Any advice as to what steps I need to do to convert an HTML page to a Word document for editing?

  2. Are you wanting to really be able to edit it, such as adding in more/different text and changing things around?

    I tried googling "create a pdf from a webpage" but I don't think you'd be able to modify the design once you do that.

    I'm curious if what you want to do is really possible. That would be nice, but I'm skeptical.

    I'm imagining you using Canva instead to design your report, using some of the images in your landing page. And you could copy and paste the text you want to use, and so on. But it will/would be a lot of work. I do love Canva, though.
  3. Yes we want to edit the content. Although, we could always modify the content on the web page before conversion if necessary.

    We should be able to get a designer to do this for us, but I had hoped that there would have been an online service that made this possible.
  4. wkhtmltopdf - Convert directly from HTML to PDF, no need to use that filthy piece of software Microsoft puts out :)

    I actually built my resume with the tool, I don't even bother with Word anymore!
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  5. Thanks Kevin. I will try that out. :)
  6. Let us know how it goes, Kevin. That sounds pretty amazing.
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  7. If you need an exact copy FireShot does a good job and converts entire page in a PDF . image as required. But it would capture as an image rather than text.
  8. wkhtmltopdf is built on the webkit engine (hence the wk prefix). I've used and tested it quite a bit, the only time I was unable to get an exact copy was using -webkit-column-count (and related) styles, and even then it looks like there's a workaround:


    While it may not be ideal, it does allow for text-highlighting, as well as providing headers and footers.

    On top of that, it seems FireShot is just a weaker clone of Awesome Screenshot (at least, it's lite version is - can't speak for it's paid version). What happens if your PDF is more than 1 page long? For instance, what if someone wanted to convert a 5,000 word blog post into a PDF for downloading? Depending on font sizing and whatnot, you're looking at 10-20 pages. Depending on where the page breaks lie, it may break your content (for instance, if an image takes place around the page break). And if your document is really long, FireShot (or any other screen grabber add-on) will simply crash.
  9. Kevin, what happens if you open/edit the HTML in MS Word and then save as a doc file/template? Just wondering.

    If I remember, there used to be a Linux command-line tool called html2doc which could do this. Been ages now.
  10. I haven't used Word in a number of years - I just can't justify the cost of purchasing an Office license when there are so many open-sourced alternatives out there (including Google Docs, which will convert to any Office format if need be). I suppose the best way to check would be to open an html document and see how it renders. If I recall correctly, Word will use the same rendering engine as Outlook - so if you like to code table-based layouts you're in luck! :\

    htmldoc can be "used" in the loosest possible for linux users - however it's no longer installed by default in Ubuntu (the most common linux distro), so you might as well go with wkhtmltopdf.
  11. Seems it's more complicated than I thought.

    You may have already researched and maybe came across these two pages, but in case not, here they are:

    How to convert HTML file to word?

    How to convert HTML to Word doc?

    Didn't want to take credit for something that came out of someone else's brains, already. :)
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  12. Thanks guys. I am going to speak to my friend about this and we will try and find the best solution. :)
  13. Let us know how it goes once you try it. I'm curious to see how it works.
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