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How to find sites that offer sponsored reviews and posts?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Thomas Hoefter, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. I have used sponsored reviews to promote some of my products in the past with mixed results. Since I have some additional marketing budget I want to try it again now anyways but focus on a slightly different niche.

    In the past I have mainly had sponsored posts published on WordPress focused blogs, now I want to look more for online marketing / SEO blogs. Finding suitable ones is harder than I thought however.

    There seem to be plenty of sponsored review platforms, which claim to connect bloggers to product owners. For example Sponsoredreviews.com and PayPerPost among many others. Unfortunately they all seem to suck... Most appear very outdated and I am not sure if they are even still operating properly. Is there a service like this I might have missed that is worth my time? Have any of you used one, either to promote a product or to make money as a blogger through sponsored posts?

    If the answer to my previous question is "no" like I would expect: Any advice on finding suitable blogs that offer sponsored reviews? Do you know of any in the online marketing niche? I already tried searching Google of course but with little success.

    Oh, and if you have a site in the internet marketing niche yourself that you think might be suitable feel free to get in touch. :)
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  2. There are not many active review services online just now. Certainly none that vet the quality of reviewing websites.

    Therefore, the best thing to do is contact websites directly.

    I am not sure what product you are looking to promote. As you would expect, SEO blogs only tend to review SEO related products that are related to keywords, rankings, etc. There are lists of SEO websites online. I did a quick search on Google and found this article http://www.seoinc.com/seo-blog/top-seo-news-sites/ (granted, websites such as Mashable should not be on the list and top SEO websites may not welcome sponsored posts).

    Have you considered emailing your customers and asking those of them with blogs to contact you about reviewing your product on their blog for payment?

  3. I thought so about the review services. Odd really... it seems like such a useful thing with lots of demand and easy to monetize. I guess most of them were overrun by bad quality blogs...

    I am not really looking for SEO blogs in particular, more general internet marketing blogs with a wider range of topics (blogging, make money online, ...).
  4. It is a catch 22 situation with reviews. You need a lot of traffic to generate reviews naturally. However, reviews tend to attract spammers. So the more popular your website becomes, the more likely it is to be targeted by spammers.

    Perhaps you could simply modify what you are already doing and encourage people to submit high quality reviews, rather than a standard comment form. And perhaps offer a monthly prize to the reviewers who submitted the best reviews.

    What product are you looking to promote?
  5. I think @Kevin Muldoon himself and a couple of bloggers here do reviews on their blogs with good results. If I got you well @Thomas Hoefter my suggestion is checkout some bloggers here in this forum. I think @Brian Jackson does good and of course I do sponsored reviews on my blog which seems to cover your interest
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    Thanks for the mention @enstine !

    Thomas I rarely do sponsored reviews on my blog, just because most of the requests I get are for crappy products lol. Most of the reviews I do are actually products I personally use and support (of course I get affiliate income).

    Feel free to check out my details on sponsored reviews here: http://brianjackson.io/advertise/ I'm not sure what your product is exactly, but I might be interested. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your replies. @Brian Jackson I have sent you an email with details and replied to your messge @enstine . This thread was not for a specific product and more because I wanted to find out if anyone knows of a good review platform and/or can recommend some blogs in the internet marketing niche that do paid reviews.
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