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How to Handle Emails on Holiday

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Kevin Muldoon, Aug 31, 2014.

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  1. I actually read this story last week, however the Guardian covered it again today:


    The article speaks about how many German companies are handling email correspondence when employees are on holiday.

    The Germans don't have an answer but they do have a solution. Daimler now has a "holiday mode" setting for out-of-work-hours emails. Once triggered, it offers the email sender an alternative person to contact and then – and this requires nerves of Stahl – the email is destroyed. Volkswagen and Deutsche Telekom have also adopted the scheme.
    I am not sure how practical this is for me as I wouldn't want certain emails such as payment confirmations deleted. However, I love the idea of this.

    Taking a few days off is an essential part of staying sane in a job where you are online so much. And taking a holiday every now and then is vital too or you will end up burning yourself out.

    Yet returning to hundreds of emails after a holiday is a nightmare. It can take a full day to go through everything.

    I am not sure if I could do something like this or not (I'll have to think about it), though I love the idea of coming back from a holiday to an empty inbox.

    What do you guys do for email when you go on holiday? Do you answer emails while you are away or do you set up an auto-reply message that advises people you are away?

  2. I generally leave it until I get back. I have an autoresponder and have already added to my support forums areas warning people I'll be slower in responding.

    I think for those companies talked about, Siegfried Q. Employee won't be receiving payment notifications like us, so it's a little bit different :)

    Anyway, will let you know when I'm on my jollies next week in Barcelona :)
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  3. Nice. Barcelona is a cool city. I'd love to go back again. Just away for the weekend?
  4. Nah a week :) - I follow the Welsh football team away and we're playing Andorra next Tuesday, but Barcelona's the closest city.

    So looking forward to it :)
  5. Nice. Andorra looks excellent. That is a place I'd love to visit. Looks very beautiful.

    Me and my friends have just booked up to Spain in November. 7 of us going so far - 2 from Scotland, 1 from Ireland, and the rest from Ireland. It's the 10 year anniversary of us all meeting and backpacking around Asia. Damn...that makes me feel old haha.

  6. I've been to Barcelona, too! It's a beautiful city. Have fun, Rhys! You, too, Kevin, on your trip.
  7. Okay...I kinda love Barcelona. Was amazing! Andorra was fascinating. If you've ever visited Wales, imagine Betws-y-Coed without the tax.
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