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How to Make Money as an Instagram Personality

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Kevin Muldoon, Mar 21, 2016.

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  2. Interesting article
  3. I should be on Instagram. I just need a new phone! The camera on mine is horrible. I really need to do this in the next month or so, even though it's going to cost me more money every month. I'm on a super cheap plan with a paid off (crappy) phone.
  4. A lot of people on instagram don't actually use their phone to take photos. They use a DSLR, photoshop the photos and upload them. As long as you have a nice camera you won't need the best phone. haha
    Personally, I use both my phone and a camera.
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  5. I thought you had to do instagram from your phone...? I'd kind of like to try it, but I don't know that I want to spread myself even thinner, social media-wise.
  6. I don't remember when last I checked my Instagram account but this looks like a big whip on my back ;)
    I'll go check that again
  7. Easiest way? Become a super sexy chick, post half nude photos etc, gain millions of followers, then start doing fashion shots and promote brands.

    Not an easy task for us guys ;) but @Heather has the possibility :giggle:
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  8. Ha ha! Thanks for that vote of confidence, @Kris Hoja . Funny to imagine me doing something like that... :) I hardly ever even wear makeup...
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  9. With makeup even us guys could become instagram superstars

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  10. It really is amazing how different makeup can make people look.
  11. You just have to upload the photos from your phone. But they are not necessarily created with it :)
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  12. Instagram and Snapchat are the ones to watch for me. I read an interesting article on how Facebook has by far the most monthly active users. But when it comes to the millennial demographic its Instagram and Snapchat which have the largest % of monthly users. ( http://www.slideshare.net/taictran/social-media-marketing-platforms - also see Business strategy alignment on slide 10 - v interesting).

    I spent a few months ago trailing Instagram; the strategy was to grow follower numbers organically to a point where I could sell posts. It was a exercise thread posting ab workouts for females , linked to an affiliate site which sells ab exercise equipment and fit tech used in the Instagram posts (I noticed that girls are far more active at posting pictures than guys) The account was called https://www.instagram.com/abdominal_workout/

    Very much a learning curve as it was my first major venture into instagram and affiliates together. I reached about 8K in 3 months by adding and posting daily, but was to much effort to keep going and wasn't seeing a large return coming soon. ( I never completed the affilaites site ha! ) - I sold a few 24 Hr posts on Fivver but that was about it! Parked it now but might revisit.

    I suspect many Instagram accounts purchase followers or work with networks, which is not something I did. You certainly need 50K + followers or some high number to make decent dollars!
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