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How to rank competitive keywords ?

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Tarannum, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. I want to know how to rank competitive keywords. They may be few but very beneficial. Please suggest me keyword research tools to use for it and how to do keyword reasearch through that tool, link building ( I don’t have much idea of it/ is it necessary? domain name ( if I start new site) etc. for it. What is beneficial – starting new site specifically for that category or continue with blog I ran ( which has 4 to 5 categories? I want to rank keywords related to my service area.
  2. I know the basics of keyword research, but do not consider myself an expert.

    One of the best guides I have read on the issue is http://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo/keyword-research. It recommends the following tools for researching keywords:
    I also believe you can gather some useful information by doing a search on social media services such as Twitter.

    Without knowing your website URL and niche etc, it's hard for me to advise whether you should add a new category or create a brand new blog. Can you provide more information about this :)

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  3. Ok. I am giving some information
    I have started site - http://taxmasala.in/ before one year, I write about many categories- income tax, service tax, vat, tds, ca students, ca empanelment etc. In short, I thought to make my blog only knowledge resources for CAs, CA students, tax payers. I thought to apply to adsense only and not any other plans that time.

    Now, my 80% traffic is from category of service tax. It is good but not much because service tax will be abolished soon after one year or may be two due to implementation of GST. If I plan to provide income tax return services, the visitors are 10% for that category on my blog. So I thought to start another blog specific for this category and make the previous one - http://taxmasala.in/ as knowledge resources for various topics and updates of taxation and earn from adsense. I estimate good traffic and income from it if I post regularly.( 2 posts per week). It will also give me side earning until I get clients on new blog.

    I want to know views of members of rise forum about my plan.
  4. In short you will need links back to your website for it to rank for the keywords your content is optimized for.

    How you get those links is the question. You could try (guest) blogging for other websites with a link back to your site, or building your own network of blogs which link back to your site (PBN).

    The competitiveness of the keywords you want to rank for (and the quality of your content to some degree) will determine how many links you need, and of what quality.

    A tool like Long Tail Pro can give you a good indication of how competitive a keyword is to help you decide whether you can realistically rank for it.

    Hope this helps.
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  5. I checked your website even keywords as well. They all are highly competitive and it is not easy to get them rank. SEO ranking is depends on many factors like quality content, Quality back links, Website Designing development & layout etc. Also Google check the website page rank when it index website. So make sure site should be maintained successfully. If YES then start SEO with content and mark back links from the content. It will help you to get it rank.

    If you like my answer then give me THANKS or click on LIKE to motivate me so that i can help another persons...

    Thanks & Regards,

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  6. Thanks Rajiv. I have not tried yet to build links. I should now concentrate on it.

    Another question, what is website page rank ?
  7. @Tarannum... Your website does not have page rank yet it has N/A PR and it has good traffic and alexa ranking in near about 3k and it is too Good....


  8. @tarunnum
    PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search engine to rank websites in their search engine results. Page Rank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages in the eye of Google and other search engines. Google gives the page rank by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is.

    They check most of the important aspects like content of the website layout even quality backlinks those generate link juice to your website.....

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  10. @Brian thanks for this update... Then how google will give priority to a website? Do you have any idea. What about the old domains those have already Page Rank?

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  11. Thanks brian for updation.

    Thanks rajiv for help.
  12. @Rajiv Singhi Brian Dean probably has the best post on the topic at the moment. http://backlinko.com/google-ranking-factors He does mention sites that have higher pagerank normally rank higher... but that is usually because any websites that already have a high PR have been around so long and built up all the other factors already, has nothing to do with that actual PR # itself. Hopefully that makes sense :)
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  13. Thanks for the update @Brian I will check hope it will help me
  14. Hey @Tarannum as Brian mentioned, Google no longer considers page rank. Backlinks are a great thing to begin with. But, make sure you get them from RELEVANT websites. Gaining backlinks from any random (non related) will work for now, but this might cause a problem in the long run. Avoid taking backlinks from any website that has nothing to do with taxes or funding.
    Another factor you can work on is increase user interaction on your website. Identify who your real audiences are and where they are present online. Share your work with them. Create unique and interesting posts that they will love. You can do this by posting Infographics or create videos to explain your point. The more your work is liked by users, the more will Google love it too!
    To summarize, you need to focus on two main things: "Backlinks from Relevant sites" and "Increase User engagement and Interaction".
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  15. Thanks Elvina for advice.
  16. Get reviews and links on popular sites, basically build trust. Trust is Googles big thing right now.
  17. @Charleyy Thanks. Actually I have not started link building. But now I have sufficient contents on my site and can move to next step.

    Thanks for advice.
  18. @DavidZin it is not easy you mentioned. Just creating or searching keywords or change as products name is not sufficient. There are tons of sites online and they have done as you said but not all are ranking. Some of them are on top just because of their quality of backlinks.....



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