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How to speed up loading time of my Wordpress blog.

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Sonam Asrani, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. #1 Sonam Asrani, Jun 24, 2015
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    Hello, Kevin!

    My Blog Microzone's loading speed is very slow. It's Average loading time, according to Alexa chrome extension is
    "Very Slow

    (7.239 Seconds)
    98% of sites are faster"

    Can you please help me in speeding up my website?
  2. Hi Sonam.

    Welcome to Rise Forums :)

    The first thing I recommend when a website is slow is to check the speed of the website through a benchmarking service such as GTMetrix or Google Page Speed.


    In GTMetrix, the suggestions in the Page Speed and YSlow tabs list all the things that you need to address. Most things in these tabs can be addressed can be addressed by installing a WordPress caching plugin.

    In the test I ran for your home page, your page loaded in 4.18 seconds with a total page size of 867 kb and 94 requests. For such a minimal design, your blog has too large a page size. 94 requests is too much too. For comparison, my blog only has 15 on the home page.

    The timeline tab points out lots of things you can do to reduce your page loading time.
    • Facebook like box was causing 1.97 seconds of loading - You should remove this with a simple button or link
    • Shareaholic callback caused 1.01 seconds of loading
    • Shareaholic share counts caused 0.77 seconds of loading
    You can see that by simply removing the Facebook box and Shareaholic sharing plugin, you would reduce your page loading times by nearly three seconds. Javascript combination and minification would help reduce requests further. So if you don't already have a caching plugin installed, install one now.

    Be sure to check other areas of your website, such as blog posts, pages, archives etc.

    My advice to you is if something isn't necessary, be it a sharing solution or plugin or whatever, then remove it. At the moment your website is loading slowly as it bloated with things it doesn't need.

  3. Thanks allot Kevin, For your response and providing me the insights. Can you please tell me how can I reduce no. of requests on my home page? Also the way to reduce the home page size of my blog?

    Facebook like box and Shareaholic settings I'll manage. But, no. of requests I didn't understand what does that mean.
  4. I ran another test for you, using Pingdom here.

    The "Number of Requests" refers to how many requests make. Think of it like a shop. If you go into a shop, and buy one item, you'll be quick. However if you go to the shop and buy a lot of items, it'll be slower as you have to find each item. So if you have a site that loads one file, then it will usually be quicker than if you have a site that loads a lot of files.

    Here's the thing, if you are loading a Facebook box, you are loading the code that runs it AND THEN all the images of the faces on your facebook widget. So if you have 10 faces shown, that's a minimum of 11 requests. Not to mention any other thing. So "reducing the requests" means shrinking the amount of files that are loaded. You can do that by removing things, or by using Caching to take a snapshot of your site, and loading from there.

    However, from Kevin's message, the biggest thing is Shareaholic. For me, it takes a second and a half to load. As such, I'd remove it and find a replacement plugin. Jetpack, for example, uses fairly quick buttons.
  5. Yikes you're loading from a lot of sources!

    If each of these scripts is loaded on each page, I'd combine them all together into one file (that you would host), you can take it one step further by minimizing the file. Likewise with any CSS files.

    You can actually do the same thing with images as well. Not sure if there's a plugin that will do this, but if you combine all your front page images into one uber-image. You may not be able to do this with facebook profile pictures (I'd image you could get different people each page load?), but that's still 24 pictures that could be condensed into 1. The net file size will be much smaller (you only need to store meta-data for one picture, not 24!), and you will only need 1 request made.
  6. Thanks, Rhys, for the comprehensive answer. Now, I got the full story.

    But, I think one of the factor is my website's design, which is making it even slower. Can you please suggest me some good themes for my tech blog which are not premium? Also, which is accepted/supported by Google Adsense?

    Sorry for showering too many questions but as you guys are Wordpress experts, you must be having knowledge about that. Apparently, this forum has been a big help to me. Thanks allot. :)
  7. I would suggest do one thing at a time. Implement what is suggested above before looking at the theme (nothing screams to me "this is slow!" in the theme).
  8. It appears you are using the "Point" theme from MyThemeShop. I used to use that on one of my websites. That is a super fast theme. See their demo of the theme tested below.


    I would focus on everything everyone said above. Shareaholic and FB like box are the two major things slowing your site down.
  9. Typical priorities:
    #1 - Solid web host (full disclosure, I do marketing for one, but that's made me see the importance).
    #2 - Optimized coding
    #3 - Minimal plugins
    #4 - Optimized images

    If you don't have enough resources allocated to your website through your host, you aren't going to go anywhere quickly.
  10. Okay, I am not to changing the theme and doing everything as suggested by you all. Let's see how it works. But, one thing which is bothering me is, if I remove share buttons by Shareaholic what plugin should I use Instead??

    Anyways, I will come back with the changes. Thanks, everyone. :)

  11. Brian Jackson, Yes it is Point theme by MyThemeShop. You said you have used it on one your websites. Can you tell me if it supports Google Adsense. I have not got Google Adsense approval. I doubt if this theme is the reason ??
  12. Try using Jetpack's social sharing buttons. They are hosted locally and as such don't make any calls to any social sites.
  13. I am done with all the changes I was suggested. I think my website is loading quite faster than before. Thanks, everyone. It was a true help! (y)
  14. Yes that is much faster :) Also about adsense. Google looks at your site's content, structure, etc. I have actually had adsense running before on the "Point" theme. So you should be good. If you don't get approval first time around, just keep adding good content and re-apply.
  15. Yes, It's faster and all credit goes to me that I landed on Rise Forums ;)

    But on a serious note, If it doesn't bother you much, Can you please judge my website on Adsense point of view (content, look and speed) since I have applied 3 times and didn't get approved. I think, now I have improved my website and have worked on my content as well. Should I apply for Adsense now or I need to wait more?
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