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How to work out the problems in a site

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Mark McCann, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I just joined a couple of days ago and have read quite a few posts. It's quite clear that a few of you have a lot of experience in web marketing and SEO.

    I'm a real estate agent who doesn't have any design, marketing or SEO background and have spent a little bit of time recently getting a site up and running and am now starting to focus on how I can start ranking in google.

    I wonder if anyone can give me an idea of what it would cost me to have someone review my site and give a few pointers so that I can tweak the site a little bit to ensure it's optimised.

    I'd rather work on sorting out the wrinkles now and then in the future just keep adding relevant content. Rather than spend six/twelve months writing content only to have to go back and change dozens or hundreds of pages because the site isn't ranking.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, I have seen Yoast.com and understand that he can do a site review but it seems quite expensive considering my site is so small at this stage.

  2. First off, welcome to the forum Mark. It's great to have you here.

    We actually have a Review My Website discussion room here. At the moment, only premium members can start threats. The decision to restrict it to premium members was partly due to us wanting to restrict some features to premium members, and partly because it can be time consuming to review a website thoroughly. I didn't want a discussion where members would spend a lot of time reviewing someone's website and the person did not even return to discuss the issues. Though, the move was never made to stop good members from having their website reviewed, so I may remove that restriction (at least for the time being).

    Long story short, I would be happy to review your website and give you some honest feedback :)

  3. Thanks @Kevin Muldoon ,

    I thought the Review My Website room was strictly for the design of the site and I was hoping to find out about the SEO. Still, I'm sure the design could do with some tweaking too ;)

    The address is www.markmccann.com.au

    I've installed Yoast's SEO plugin and have used it on a couple of posts but would really love to know if I'm on the right track before I continue doing what I'm doing at the moment.

    Look forward to hearing any feedback, good or bad.

  4. You built the website using Divi 2 so it should be fine for SEO. Just be sure to use the correct header codes in articles and follow the guidelines of the WordPress SEO plugin.

    There is certainly nothing wrong that will hold you back from developing the website more.
  5. Thanks Kevin,

    I usually have a normal heading at the start of the blog post and then I've started using the H2 tag throughout some of the posts because I hear that is good for SEO.

    One thing I thought was weird is that the SEO plugin says my homepage is not very good for SEO because there is not much text on the home page. I've looked at lots of other sites and they don't have loads of text on the home page either.
  6. Yes you should use H2 header tags within articles, H3 for sub headers, etc.

    I am not sure what the ideal length of text on a home page should be. You are right than many home pages do not publish a lot of text.
  7. Cool,

    Didn't realise that H3 served any purpose. I was previously just using bold to highlight a heading and then I learned that H2 was important. Now i'll start using H3 as well.
  8. Thanks @Kevin Muldoon that article makes sense.

    What about linking within a site. I've read that you should really have links from one page in the site to a different page within a site as long as it's a relevant link.

    Is it a good idea to finish every post with a link back to my home page with a phrase I'm targeting. For example, "Canberra Real Estate Agent" or "Mark McCann" these are the 2 keywords I really want to rank for.
  9. I will let someone more SEO savvy than me answer those questions Mark, such as @Brian Jackson or @Rhys Wynne, as I will probably advise you the wrong thing :)

    I generally just follow a policy of linking to anything and everything. If something is relevant, I link to it. Though my guess is that linking using those anchors would make more sense on an external website than your own. But I will let someone else clarify that as I am not sure if that is true.
  10. Thanks @Kevin Muldoon I also wonder about linking out to other pages as well. Yoast's seo plugin says it's important to have at least one outbound link in the page but I'm worried that I'm driving traffic from my site to others and they may not return. Also, I'd be giving "Link Juice" to the other site when I have very little to give away.
  11. I don't worry about giving out link juice. I worry about making an article for useful to the user. If a resource will help someone, I will link to it. If I am quoting an article, I will link to it. In the end, it is about writing good content and not worrying about how Google will view your page. Look after the reader and everything else will take care of itself :)
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  12. This is a response kind of to your backlink question in the other thread as well :)

    Mark you probably won't get any backlinks within the first month or two of starting your site. Once they start flowing in, they will start coming in faster. The best thing you can do is get your content out there. Like Kevin said, don't stress over backlinks. If you are stressing over anything, it should be the content and social media aspect. Most of your posts look like lists posts, which is probably good because people love "list posts".

    H1s, H2s, and H3s are still important even though some people might not say so. Make sure each of your posts/pages has an H1 at the top and then usually I use H2s throughout the rest. If you have subcategories or lists under the H2s, then use H3s, etc...

    It is good to have external links, but only do it if it is beneficial to the reader and the site is related to your niche. I usually try to get at least one external link in each blog post I do.

    Your homepage is actually very very important in ranking your brand name. If you are simply running a blog, I wouldn't worry about it. But since you running a business + blog, I would definitely add a paragraph to your home page somewhere.

    Make sure you are sharing your posts out over all the social networks... Google+, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Delicious, etc.

    For Google+, Facebook, Twitter I actually use https://bufferapp.com/app to schedule out the post after it is up. Make sure to hashtag your messages and use short and enticing titles for the best results.

    For posting to StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc... I use an automated plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/. So whenever I post up a blog article it goes out to those automatically with a predefined hashtag.

    Once you get 20-30 posts up, start slowly re-sharing your best content. You would be surprised how many people never see what you post. If you have great content, people will want to see it.

    Once you get the social media part down pat, backlinks will start flowing in :)

    As far as SEO goes, just make sure to take some time write great titles and good meta descriptions. Be very careful not to go over the title length, otherwise now Google and Bing will rewrite it to whatever they think is best. It is better to have your title within the limit and not have your branding on the end, then it is to have branding and it be over the length. A lot of my blog posts I strip out my branding if I run out of room.

    I have some great pointers here on my checklist: http://okaymarketing.com/seo-checklist/

    Make sure to do the sitemap trick in your footer and also the sitemap submissions.

    I would also add some more widgets to your sidebar on your blog. Maybe another social one so they can follow you, a popular posts widget, etc....

    That's all I have time for right now, hopefully that helps a little.
  13. @Brian Jackson Thanks for all the advice. Quite a lot of information to take in I'm sure it will take me ages to action all of it.

    I like your idea about list posts. I can certainly make heaps of posts with lists in them. I've been kind of struggling for topics to write about so that just sparked a load of new ideas such as 10 biggest houses in the world, or 10 cheapest places to live etc...

    If I write a blog post. Does the name of blog post become a H1 tag? Or, is the name of blog post a Title tag and therefore I should have a subheading with the H1 tag?

    I will write a paragraph on the homepage about myself and use a few keywords as you suggest.

    I've been sharing a little bit but not overly much. Just set up Facebook, google+ and twitter specifically to share my posts but have been a bit hit and miss with that. Will look at adding the other ones you mentioned and make sure to share every post to each network. You mentioned that you use Bufferapp to schedule to google+, Facebook and twitter and SNAP to post to other sites. Is there a reason you don't use snap to do them all? I noticed buffer app charges $10 per month whereas SNAP is just a once of payment and it does most/all of the ones you mentioned. How about @Kevin Muldoon what do you use to auto post on social sites?

    I set up the site map with yoast's seo plugin but haven't added it to my footer. I will do that a bit later.

    Thanks again for all the tips :)
  14. I use the Publicize feature in Jetpack. I disable every other module except that one and another one. It's fairly reliable and is built directly into the post editor area. Worth checking out.
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  15. #16 Brian Jackson, Jul 25, 2014
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    Haha sorry didn't mean to overwhelm you. I love this stuff, so I could go on for hours...

    @Mark McCann I am looking at your blog right now and yes your theme automatically makes H1 for the title and then you are already using H2s. So keep doing that :)

    The reason I use Buffer to schedule out my FB, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn (sorry forgot to mention this one) is because I take the time to add hashtags. If you take a few seconds to add useful hashtags and mentions you will gain social media followers a lot quicker and people are more likely to see your post.
    I don't auto post those because I could never predefine good hashtags for everything.

    For example, here are some of my recent tweets... See how I am intentionally mentioning the company in my tweet that I am talking about. This raises their attention and usually gets them to retweet it on their twitter feed, which in turn usually brings me more traffic. I think you get the idea.





    I use buffer simply because of its simplicity and managing multiple accounts... You set the schedules you want things to go out, and you can just keep adding things to your buffer account without having to manually schedule them. They simply go out whenever your next time slot is. Like Kevin said, publicize from Jetpack is good as well. Also, SNAP lets you schedule your posts too.

    Also I would definitely put your moving checklist PDF on your sidebar somewhere in a widget. That is a great little PDF!
  16. Thanks @Brian Jackson,

    The moving PDF on the sidebar is something I plan to do. Was just trying to find the time to learn the HTML to do it. I've done it in the past for something so I know it's not hard but it's just finding the time to do all these things :)

    I like your idea of hashtags. Wasn't exactly sure how those worked and what the purpose of them was but your explanation is pretty good and it makes sense now.

    By the way, I like that you've shared so much. It would take me weeks to find all the stuff that you are suggesting by using google alone. Feel free to keep sharing because it is very appreciated.
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  17. Yes, thank you for sharing, @Brian Jackson ! I will come back to this once I get farther along in my learning.
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