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How To Write Regularly To Publish Regular Content On Blog ?

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Tarannum, May 20, 2016.

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  1. Hi,

    I have common problem many bloggers have. I can't write regularly to produce and publish regular posts on my blogs. Any suggestion for how to stick to writing schedule ?


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  2. You should spend time researching future blog post ideas.

    Spend a day or so brainstorming topics. You should be able to generate over one hundred post ideas so that when you are ready to write you simply choose one of those topics.

    Also be sure to carry something with you to take notes so that if an idea pops up when you are out, you can write it down in a piece of paper or add a note to your phone or email yourself.

    When I was travelling South America I always carried a small notepad and pen with me, but now I simply email myself any ideas I have and then I later add that idea as a post topic or add it to my Google docs notes document.
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  3. I need to do a lot better about this, too.

    One thing is to set aside a specific time for writing every week, and just sit down and do it. (Easier said than done! I need to implement this myself.)

    Also, if you can think of a question or two people ask you a lot, maybe you can write some blog posts that answer those questions. I'm trying to think of posts that will be easier and quicker that you can use when you need to publish something fast.

    @Kevin Muldoon Do you keep all your notes like this in a single Google doc?
  4. I have made one excel sheet to write ideas of blog post. @Kevin Muldoon

    @Heather , Idea of writing on full day is good but sometimes I cant write as much as I expected in whole day. and I become frustrated. :cry:
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  5. @Tarannum ,

    How many times do you write a post in a month?

    Never, and never start writing post drafts in WordPress. Go to a library, or better yet, a garden, with pen and a notepad. Try to write when sitting in that cool atmosphere. I think you'll get better ideas automatically.

    Of course, what Kevin and Heather said will also help.

    I can brainstorm and jot down 50+ topics at one go, when I want to.

    This old post from me may be of some help too.

    One of the best idea is to not start with a blank page. Instead, start with an outline.

    Say, I want to write a post about accounting.

    I'll jot down some quick questions/sentences about accounting, like:
    1. What is accounting?
    2. How can accounting help you in your business?
    3. How can accounting save you time and trouble, later?
    4. Which accounting software program to use?
    5. What to do if you hate accounting?
    6. How easy or hard is it to learn accounting?

    These are just a few questions that popped in my head right now as I thought about accounting (fact: I don't know even the A of accounting).

    This way, you can create an outline and these above questions will make the subheads of your post. You may later change the questions to better sentences which attract attention.

    An outline is like a framework of a house on which it will later stand. These questions/subheads/outlines act like that framework for your post.

    Hope that helps.
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  6. @Raspal, Thanks for these tips. I will try to write outline first and narration after that.

    I decide to write only at Saturday when my weekly work is over.

    This idea was bit successful because I had completed the post in 3 hours and also did some marketing of the post planning. I had found two tools for automated social media marketing.

    2 good posts are enough for the month if I can write consistently. It will increase reader engagements on my blog.

    So I will make Saturday as blogging day.

    By the way, How is my plan ? :D
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  7. Writing is different from publishing. You can write whenever you can, you don't have to stick to the same day of the week for writing. But for publishing, it's better to stick to the same day of the week/date of the month (if publishing monthly). Any day of the week is fine.

    You could write 4 posts on a Saturday and schedule them for publishing for the next 4 weeks. If you write on each Saturday, you can maybe write more no. of posts than you publish each week.

    How many comments do you get, approx. per post? If they are less than 10 comments, then stop posting on your own blog, and start guest blogging on popular accounting blogs, instead, first.
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  8. Try this @Tarannum -

    Tomorrow morning, after you wake up and before doing anything else on the computer, or even before checking you FB feed on the mobile, take a notepad and pen, and try to write a few topics. OR, just write one topic, and then start writing whatever comes to mind. Write only 50 words - that's the goal. Not very hard.

    Thinking of writing for the whole day creates tension in your sub-conscious and you'll tend to do other things rather than sitting to write. Try the 50 words per day technique, and see the wonder. :)
  9. @Raspal, Your Idea is good and I will try it.

    I had habit of checking FB before long time when I was in collage. ( However, I had left that habit when I started my CA study.)

    Now, I am doing meditation in morning daily instead of checking screens. :barefoot:
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  10. Whatever you do first 10 minutes after getting up, not only gets imbibed into the subconscious, but also creates your day that way.

    Great to start the day with meditation.
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