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How would you quickly make an extra $1,000?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Joe F, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. I suspect cars need to be more efficient here because of the cost of fuel. It's such a different system in North America as the bus and rail network is not as evolved as ours (not that ours is great!).

    Though the UK is such a small country compared to the USA. I can go from one coast of Scotland to the other in an hour or so. America is so vast. It's hard to even comprehend the sheer size of it sometimes.
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  2. Here is a tutorial for making $1600 in 30 days (mhm) but it will require extra work. I think doing such small jobs is an overkill for most serious people (with some exceptions). You'd have to be sure to get at least $20-30 per hour.
  3. This is the same guy that is heavily promoting pyramid schemes to his readers.
  4. You're probably right, Kevin, about cars needing to be more efficient because of the high price of fuel.

    I don't think there's been a big incentive in the past to make cars more fuel efficient, and I don't mean to be paranoid, but the oil companies seem to wield a lot of power. The movie Who Killed the Electric Car? was pretty scary... but now electric cars are really on the rise again it seems. Maybe things are changing in a good way. I think they're really expensive, though (electric cars).

    Yes, it's so amazing how huge America is (and how small Europe is, relatively speaking). One hour!!! I didn't realize it was that tiny. It takes at least an hour to drive from one side of metro Atlanta to the other. (!) And my last commute to work was 40 minutes each way.

    It would be neat to live in Europe and be able to drive or take a bus or train to another country so easily.
  5. That is the beauty of Europe. There are so many countries and so many cultures that are easily accessible. It is only a few hours from the UK to most European countries. It's only about 90 minutes on the plane from Glasgow/Edinburgh to Paris. 2 to 3 hours to Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Norway etc.
  6. Yeah, well, you don't have to rub it in! ;) Just kidding. It sounds amazing. Hopefully before too long I can go back. I've only been once, on a trip to Europe and Russia, right out of high school. We rode on a double decker bus from France to Moscow and back. We had stops in Barcelona, Lake Como, and several cities in Germany. We drove through Poland... I'd love to visit England, Scotland, and Ireland. I have some Scottish ancestry so that would be really cool to go there. I'd love to visit other parts of the world, too, such as southeast Asia. And right now it's so cold and rainy here, Hawaii is calling my name.
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  7. I'd love to do more travelling too. I get itchy feet if I am back in Scotland too long.; especially during Winter!!!

    I've yet to go to Russia. I'd love to go. There is so much history there. I haven't travelled much in Eastern Europe either. Budapest, Bucharest etc, all look great.
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