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I want my site on first page of google.

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Tarannum, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. Hi friends,

    I have one blog. I want to know how can my blog get place on first page of google. Your suggestions are welcome.
  2. In Short - Keep writing good and unique content and also keep patience

    In details - kevin nad other members will tell you better. :)
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  3. Getting your blog on the first place on Google's search engine results is such a general target. Some SEO companies may promise to get you at the top of results on Google, but what they will not tell you is what search terms they will get you there for. I could get you to the top of search engines for the term "Super Duper Big Blog"; but very few people will be searching for that search term.

    The real question is: How do you get more search engine traffic?

    Without knowing your blog, it is difficult to give advice that is specific to you, though Sanjay's advice of keep writing good content is the way forward. Keep focusing on writing good articles and the traffic will follow.
  4. I have one blog giving tax related information. I can't post site name as I am new member on this forum.
  5. Sanjay's advice of writing good content is the best advice you will receive. You may see a lot of people out there telling you there are shortcuts to getting traffic, but the most reliable way to get traffic to a website is to build a good resource. If you do, people will naturally link to the website and your search engine traffic will increase.
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  6. Thank you for advice. I try my best to give the best posts.
  7. Absolutely! Also always follow the fellow guys who are already established in your niche.
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  8. Simply a great web design is not only enough until and unless one can actually get people to visit that website. The site needs to be placed in front of potential visitors or they may never get to know that your website exists.
    1. SEO: Organic Search Engine Optimization is the key to obtaining consistent visitors over a long run of time. In fact, SEO is a very essential component for your Internet Marketing Campaign success. Please click the image on the left or here to read about our foolproof Search Engine Optimization Strategy.
    2. PPC: While Search Engine Optimization is a sure shot way to get traffic onto your website but it’s a little prolonged and takes at least couple of months to bring in great traffic. However, PPC is an instantaneous way to generate qualified traffic. PPC also helps in brand building and generating online leads. Successful PPC campaigns companies fetch high returns.
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  9. Thanks ruhi for guidance.
  10. Hi, Tarannum, you are getting really good response here. I really do agree with Ruhi Agarwal, if you want your blog or website on the first page of Google SERP, you have to work hard. There is no connection between the website design and Google ranking. First, you must have to check your site in Google, check list site optimization. Have you installed Google webmaster tools yet? This is required to check your website’s error and other things that prevent your site getting ranked in Google SERP.
  11. thanks vaidhegi...
  12. First make your website search engine friendly and then decide targeted keyword for your website. Start ethical seo and you will have top position in search engines. It will take several time but you will get the desired result.
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  13. thanx shoshnacassidy
  14. Hey Tarannum! I was like you once. As my website is my main source of income, I started with writing general stuff around my niche but never touched on the main subjects people would look for. However, I started finding that certain keywords were hitting it in terms of traffic and gave us one of the top 3 spots on the first page of Google.

    From my half year of content marketing (I run an ecommerce store), I learned the following the hard way

    1) Start with following the leader in your niche (like what Sanjay said) - They're usually there for a purpose. Follow their blog posts and write similar articles (don't copy and paste, you'll be penalised). Once you are familiar and know what brings in traffic, you can branch out to your own style and experiment
    2) Be consistent - As you want to build traffic, consistency is vital. Otherwise, you won't get regular readers
    3) Be sharable (or make sure your post can be viral) - This is crucial. No point writing articles that you rant on a subject you like for hours. While it may be meticulous and in-depth, would people want to share it? Keyword research pays an important role here. If nobody bothers with the keywords, perhaps there's no sufficient interest in it.
    4) Be ever green - I also find that updating popular pieces works well. News pieces however, are only hot for that period of time. Good if you're news jacking. Otherwise, just focus on what's sharable and ever green.
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  15. Hey leo,
    I will definitely follow your tips. Actually I am doing some keyword research for choosing topic and it gives me good result. Almost have daily 50 visitors from search engine. Still not satisfied with performance. :cry:
  16. haha, it takes time :)
  17. People are not commenting. They are downloading my files, charts , utilities but not giving one facebook like.. (so selfish) :cry:
  18. Hi @Tarannum I see a lot has been said here to guide you on your question.

    You need to target specific keywords and write SEO friendly contents on those target keywords. Be active in your niche - commenting on other blogs and guest posting if possible. This will help grow your community and build backlinks.

    Keyword research is tricky. I'm using Google's free keyword tool and it's working for me. I also bought LongtailPro but for sometime now, it's been messing up. In any case, offer value on your blog and it will be known
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  19. Invest some time and money on creating an amazing 1,000+ word article and getting it guest posted on a top investment/financial blog that relates to your audience. This will drastically improve your rankings and will be worth way more than 1,000 low end and non-targeted backlinks. RELEVANT and QUALITY links are still key.
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