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If you could connect with anyone to help you grow your business, who would it be?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Jason Quey, May 28, 2015.

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  1. If you could connect with anyone to help you grow your business, who would it be and what would they help you accomplish?

    I'm planning on starting a blog to interview influential people to find out their path to success and projects they'd love someone to help with. They may be famous entrepreneurs, marketers, millionaires, startup founders, or just really intriguing people.

    And if I can swing it right, they'll answer ANY of your questions. Kinda like you get to be an interviewer alongside of me :). Perhaps you may even get an opportunity to work alongside them on a project.

    Anyway, I'm looking to get some feedback from this awesome community. Would you be willing to help me by leaving a comment below with someone you've always wanted to connect with? Thanks guys!
  2. Sure thing. People like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Matt Mullenwerg and people along those lines would be awesome :)
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  3. At the moment I'm focusing a lot on YouTube, so I would find it interesting to speak with a top YouTuber who has a huge following and ask them lots of advice on editing, presentation, marketing etc. I don't have anyone particular in mind as I follow dozens of channels on YouTube.

    I have no doubt that such an interview would speed up the journey I am on.
  4. Right now I feel like I'd like to talk to someone who is a successful entrepreneur who also has a really good work-life balance. If anyone could tell me the secret to starting and maintaining a profitable business while not stressing out and still maintaining time and focus for family and other interests, I'd love to talk to them.

    I'd love to talk to Leonie Dawson. I'd also love to talk to Meagan Francis more. I did a group program with her, and she's great, and I know she knows how to have a successful business while also prioritizing family. She is a very successful freelance writer, blogger, and podcaster.
  5. Weird, I did not get an email when y'all responded :-/. Thanks for the input guys!

    @Leo Koo - You aim high sir! The first entrepreneur I'm interviewing actually got Tesla to sponsor his mastermind event and got to tour the facility. Doubt he'll connect me to Musk right away :). Richard Branson would be an intriguing one to connect with. Curious, never heard of Matt Mullenwerg. Tell me about him?

    @Kevin Muldoon - Care to share at least a couple? I've mainly followed musicians on Youtube myself and watched how they did their marketing. And would love to return the favor to you as an admin of a great site :).

    @Heather - The first entrepreneur I'm interviewing does this well. That said, he puts on an annual $900,000 mastermind event, so it's easier to get his focus right. I'll definitely add the other two on my list to potentially connect with. Was the group program an eCourse of some sort she had?

    Each entrepreneur I bring onto the show will do an AMA and will let you know what they are interested in getting help with. I'm getting stoked to see what new opportunities will come up :).
  6. Hi, Jason. You're talking about Meagan, right? It was a group coaching program, largely focused on freelance writing. Her blog is www.thehappiesthome.com, her personal blog is meaganfrancis.com, and her podcast network is lifelistened.com. She also does a lot of freelancing, and has done a lot of writing for magazines in the past.

    What is an AMA?
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  7. So, when I first saw this thread I was at work and couldn't respond, and of course I forgot to star it or anything like that - but there's a few people I'd be interested in talking to:

    1) Matt Mullenwerg/Mike Little (creators of WordPress - not sure if your comment was sarcastic or not). While I admittedly can't stand their product, I can't help but imagine that they are aware of some of the shortcomings of WP development. This isn't to say you can't do anything properly with WP, but rather most developers do it the wrong way. I'd love to hear about what they think was done right, and what would be re-done if they could turn back the clock.

    2) Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux OS. He takes determines the root cause of software problems and isn't afraid to start from scratch if that's what's needed to provide a better solution - it's this thinking that gave us the git version control system. There's a Youtube video of him speaking at a Google Tech Talk from 8 years ago speaking about it, even if you are not a developer I would recommend watching it:

    Ask Me Anything - made popular by reddit.com/r/AMA
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  8. Man, where do I start. I follow so many channels on YouTube.

    Here's a few.

    I'd love to see how Marques Brownlee records and edits such beautiful tech videos.

    I would love to look behind the scenes of James's setup from Cinemeassacre and see how he records gaming footage and how he does special effects in his videos. Plus I would love to see how he edits videos and creates storylines.

    I'd love to see how Ashens records. He's such a naturally funny guy that always seems comfortable in front or behind the camera (he talks a lot from sitting behind the camera). He records nearly all of his videos in one take - something which I like :)

    Other channels I would love to see behind the scenes are Geekanoids, Flossy Carter, CinemaSins, and Metal Jesus Rocks. :)
  9. Brian Dean and Neil Patel
  10. Thanks for the input guys!

    AMA = Ask Me Anything.

    Virgie - Neil's cousin, Sujan, will be #2 on my show.
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  11. When is your show?
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  12. Sorry Virgie, been out of town. Hoping to get the first intro article up this weekend; will share on this thread for anyone curious. Currently thinking about doing this once/week, but we'll see how things play out.

    @Rhys Wynne - I dig it :).
  13. To answer your question, I'd like to connect to the creators of twitter, facebook, etc. But you and I cannot get an interview with them.
    So, start with creators of some startup company and interview them.
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