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I'm Just Going To Leave This Here...

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Rhys Wynne, Jun 12, 2016.

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  1. ah, how's the Russian violence to the British fans?
  2. The Welsh fans have been a credit to their country.

    It is unfair to label all English fans as hooligans as there are lots of great fans who are over there, though it is clear they still have a very bad problem with thugs among them. It is frustrating for the media to keep referring to them as British fans when the fans from other parts of the UK are not like that.

    I would welcome the government going hard on all of these people and giving them long sentences. Kicking someone down on the ground and attacking them from behind is pathetic and cowardly. If these guys truly want to fight, register for a boxing match or MMA match. Don't go around kicking innocent people in the street.

    I was once attacked outside of a pub where the guy ran up behind me and punched me. I then went up and started fighting back against him and his friend who jumped in and the cowards ran away. They obviously attacked me thinking I wouldn't do anything back but when they realised I had some training they ran away. Cowards.

    There is no need for people to do this. I would use all the technology they can to ban the English and Russian thugs for life and jail them.
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  3. Well I'll give you a Welsh perspective :) (As Kevin pointed out, the Welsh and Northern Irish fans have been loved)

    It's.....a wee bit concerning. We play England and then Russia in the tournament. The England game is being played in Lens 30 miles away from Slovakia vs Russia which is being played in Lille. I'm relatively confident it won't kick off between Wales & England, as I feel the Russia trouble - from what has been mentioned - has been just a way of them trying to show dominance. I think they have largely gone home.

    Hopefully the rest of the tournament stays safe. It feels like it's calmed down a bit now. I'm going to be careful though.
  4. I hope so too. Be safe and just walk away if you see any trouble brewing.
  5. Lens was fine (bar the result). Reports from Lille suggest that it was mainly isolated incidents with everybody else behaving themselves (unfortunately one of the isolated incident location was right outside the station, so was easy to spot). I'm now in Toulouse. I'm staying a fair bit out (about 2 km from the city centre), so having a quiet night tonight, see if there are reports of any trouble (it's the Russian game for us), and go from there.

    Definitely going to the game, but yeah keeping my ear to the ground.
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  6. Best of luck in the Russia game. Hope you guys make it through.

    Stay safe regardless. :)
  7. Hehe. The only dismantling was of the Russian back four by Bale, Rambo and Allen in Toulouse ;)
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