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I'm Off To Wordcamp Belfast

Discussion in 'WordCamp Events' started by Kevin Muldoon, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. I'm flying tomorrow morning over to Belfast to attend the first ever WordCamp being held there.

    You can read more about the event at https://2016.belfast.wordcamp.org/

    I may not get a chance to login for a few days because of this. Today I am picking up a new car (don't get excited, it's another old one!) and then heading into Glasgow to meet my good friend Dave who is up from Wigan for work. It will be great to catch up with him and my other friends.

    My girlfriend Lisa is joining me on the trip to Belfast tomorrow. We're just relaxing and doing some touristy things tomorrow before meeting up with my brother who works at Queens University there. We've got a great apartment organised with Simon and Colm from CommerceGurus so it should be a fantastic little trip.

    I'll try and post images to Twitter at the event when I can :)

  2. Enjoy! Say Hi to Barry Adams and Heather Burns for me :D

    PS. I'm so jealous, I really wanted to go!
  3. It was a good event. I don't think Barry made it to the event but I caught Heather's talk and it was really good.

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