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Image Management Tools?

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Joe F, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. Does anyone use an image management tool to keep track of which images they've used where?

    I've got a collection of stock photos and I'd like to keep track of which blogs and posts I've used the images on.

    Some sort of image viewer that lets you add additional details seems to be what I need?

    Any recommendations?

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  2. Sorry I missed this Joe.

    I haven't come across any service that helps you do this.

    There are a few ways in which you could manage this manually.

    For example, create a folder on your computer that is backed up to Dropbox or Google Drive or something. Let's say you call the folder Blog Post Images.

    You can then create sub-folders for each year and then each month. You could create a folder for each client's website and for each stock image service too.

    Then create a folder for each blog post you publish and save any images you use in that folder.

    It's not ideal, but it does track every single image you are using on your websites.
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  4. Thanks, guys. Will check out that post and if not, try Kevin's idea.
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