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Inmotionhosting Is Down For More Than 9 Hours And Still Continue To Be Down

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Sanjay Ojha, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. I can not believe this. Our all site is down for more than 9 hours due to server maintenance. Me and my friend have a re-seller account with inmotionhosting. First we didn't get any e-mail that there is server maintenance scheduled today. All of our site went down and when we talked them, they said it is down due to server maintenance and there is not ETA. They gave this link to check status of site - http://status.inmotionhosting.com/.

    And guess what? It is still down, more than 9 hours so far. Now I am also skeptical of my all website and clients website.
    What should I do ?
  2. Move.

    It's that's simple. That amount of downtime is unacceptable for a hosting company that offers reselling accounts.

    That amount of downtime has to be scheduled and advised to customers.

    Perhaps they ran into some major security or hardware problems. That does happen from time to time, even with larger hosting companies. The difference between a good hosting company and a bad one is how they respond in situations like that. Are they giving you compensation for what they did? At this point they should be doing everything to retain your business.

    What type of hosting plan do you have? Ideally, if you are reselling hosting, you really want a dedicated server that you have complete control over. This avoids situations like this (for the most part).
  3. They kept this for almost 48 hours, Sometime it up and other time it was down. Finally it is stable but the server has still issue, you can see they are changing entire hardware at - http://status.inmotionhosting.com/. We have requested to change the server.
    They are not offering any compensation. They know only this answer "Sorry for this trouble, please keep checking the status"
    Actually, its not mine, Its one of friend account. I help him to manage it. This plan is going to expire soon (Feb) and we are searching for some good alternative already. Problem with dedicated hosting is the managing it, taking a manged server is very costly.
  4. I would move to a more reliable hosting company.

    Managed dedicated hosting companies are costly, but how much did this incident cost you? It's hard to find the right balance as you want to get a reliable service at a good price.

    Though in your position I would be looking at alternative hosting companies.
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  5. We are really searching, currently we are looking for a2hosting
  6. Speak to a lot of companies. It's important to speak to them directly, explain your business, and ask what happens if downtime occurs.
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  7. A couple years ago I had an account with InMotion Hosting. They deleted all my data without telling me. When I asked to restore, I did not get a proper restore, and some of my sites were still down. They messed everything up. And then they wouldn't even reply to my ticket.

    I was lucky to have recent local backups. I moved the sites to the better webhost with whom I'm since a couple years and never had problems. I found them after a lot of research. Small but dedicated team. Have had quick responses via email, though no chat support.

    Move out of InMotion Hosting before you lose your sites and data. They're a non-EIG webhost but still not great.

    I hope they are up by now, but move away from them, as Kevin advised ... you know these guys' servers may get loose motions, anytime. :D
  8. Thats one of the worst experience for sure.. I thought this is part of hosting.. but after reading your experience and seeing the issues of the server is still not corrected I can say that inmotion is not recommended
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  9. Hi @Sanjay Ojha I work at Cloudways. Let me know how can I help you? You can also contact me via Twitter, Facebook or send me an email. I would love to assist you.
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