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Interesting Look at the Rap Genius bad links penalty

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Joe F, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. Why are Google being so lenient on Rap Genius? It's not like the company/people who developed the website did not know they were breaking Google's rules. Google seem to be happy with the public (read:fake) apology that they gave afterwards.


    Mmmmm. They didn't know they were breaking the rules? Don't think anyone believes that a company backed by venture capitalists are this ignorant.

    The frustrating part is that if we did the same thing, our websites would be penalised for years.
  2. Ya I read this earlier today on my phone and to be honest was angry... I just hate how the big guys just get off the hook. They grow fast because of blackhat tactics, get a slap on the wrist for a week, and start right back where they left off.
  3. The best bit was how once the story broke, the Rap Genius site got 1000s of links from people talking about the story!

    Google can ruin countless businesses over night, and I'm not talking about affiliate sites, but people's real websites they use to promote their real business, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. But if a big brand gets a slap, they can work with Google to fix the problem and bounce back within a few days.
  4. Another reason I'm glad that tomorrow I'm handing over my last SEO client and going full time developer :)
  5. Sounds like a good plan. It must be nerve wracking offering an SEO service to clients. What do you do when something like Penguin comes around? Stop answering the phone!
  6. I'm actually curious as to what SEO companies do nowadays. I noticed recently that there are still a lot of SEO jobs being advertised on job websites within the UK. Are they all just doing guest posts and then just generating reports for their clients using software (which they no doubt rebranded as their own - gotta love white label software!!).

    What kind of tasks were you performing for clients Rhys outside of optimising their website design?
  7. Well towards the end I wasn't doing that much SEO, but most of the work surrounding guest posting (just finding opportunities), and a mediator between the client and PR opportunities - so something like Help A Reporter Out, I'd find opportunities and then mediate the response between the client and the opportunity.

    Much prefer being a coder :D
  8. So it was mainly guest posts and press releases? What sort of premium are SEO companies charging for this.

    If that is all SEO companies are doing, I'm surprised more companies are not handling SEO themselves.
  9. I wouldn't say press releases. Meant PR more as a public relations excercise rather than press releases :). I include things like blogger outreach which is a different kettle of fish, and requires a little more interaction as a mediator between client and blogger (which could include - ahem - greasing the wheels of industry). Some clients of course are happy to pay a premium just for being at the end of the phone line.

    The issue we've found is that clients from an SEO standpoint still think it's a numbers game, and still think the 500 links for $40 is still a good idea.
  10. So do you primarily try and target websites with better PR?

    Sorry for all the questions. Its something I'm genuinely curious about as I'm keen to see how seo on my own websites could be improved.

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  11. It depends. For PR stuff (so public relations rather than press releases & page rank), we generally go to communities and traffic, rather than much SEO. We find the organic traffic does eventually lead to links. Sometimes not many, but sometimes loads. And they're your natural as you can get links.

    We also occasionally blog for the client, and then try and share that blog post to get links - a good presentation I found was this one by an SEO here in Manchester - http://www.slideshare.net/staceycav/low-cost-link-building-with-data-brighton-seo-2013. Does sometimes work well, but also guest blogging works as that also gets the keyword rich links everybody seems to want :)
  12. Thanks for the link Rhys. I liked some of their suggestions. Journalists are always looking for topics to write about and it isn't too difficult to find some stats and twist it into a story.
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    I thought I would chime in on this... on a different project I have going, we just spent over $10,000 on content creation for a brand new site. This was in the medical niche and all were 5,000 words or more. As far as ranking organically, we went from nothing to 1st page in SERPs for over 100 different keywords (about 80 different pages) within a three week time period. SEO work? Really all that was done was interlinking, making sure the keyword was mentioned in multiple places, alt tags on images, header tags, quality title + meta descriptions, etc... The norm. A lot of people I talk to are still writing static pages of like 750 words which in my opinion just makes your work that much harder to rank. Google's algorithm is begging for higher quality content.

    So with that example above, I guarantee you the organic traffic will pay off.
    • Most of my time now with SEO to be honest is spent checking/perfecting content writer's work.
    • Also press releases do work, at least in the niches I have been in. Usually a press release from PRWeb will hit #1 page on SERPs within 24 hours. Although with PRWeb you are also paying a minimum of $100 a pop. There are cheaper PR sites, but none I have seen produce the speed and hit SERPs as fast as PRWeb.
    • Guest blogging still produces great results. Just make sure you are blogging on quality sites. I agree with Rhys... there are so many people still buying links in huge bulk. It is a horrible idea... you can't get away with that anymore. What will end up happening is you will wake up one morning and find your site has disappeared from the SERPs, and you will spend 3 months cleaning up the mess you made for yourself with the disavow tool.
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  14. I am trying really hard to understand the content in this thread... still not understanding.

    A few question.

    SEO is outdated?
    Why is it different now then before, with all this penguin, panda stuff?
    SEO is making our website ranking high in search engines, right?
  15. Brian - I hope you are right about the short articles. In the past, SEO companies would publish any crap on the internet if it was between 500 and 750 words. It would be great for bloggers if SEO companies started using high quality original articles.

    Hee - SEO is not outdated, it has just evolved. The penguin and panda updates were brought in to stop low quality links from boosting search engine rankings (amongst other things). SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Optimisation is the key word. It's about publishing high quality content on your website and getting incoming links and traffic as a result of that. Personally, I don't focus on SEO myself. I just focus on writing content and let Google etc handle the rest.
  16. I picked up on some reading and wanted to confirm my doubts.
    My understanding is, before penguin and panda updates, people throw in a bunch of high ranking keywords hoping to get searched easily?
    However now, with the updates it all pretty much(or only) depends on the content itself?
  17. Previously, SEO agencies and website owners could use a lot of black-hat techniques. Techniques which Google frowned upon and discouraged, but still gave good results. For example, say I wanted to promote Rise Forums. I could have included links to the site from lots and lots of low quality web pages. Effectively, I'd be spamming my website across the web.

    They also penalised websites that had more advertising than content (panda update). This hurt a lot of websites, including those that made money through Google Adsense.

    SEO companies are now moving more towards getting quality links on good websites. That is why there is now such a big market for links in guest posts and guest post bios.
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