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Inxy – Dedicated Servers, Content Delivery Network, Cloud Solutions

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Adam Greer, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Dear forum users!

    We are glad to present INXY Hosting marketplace!

    INXY is the unique marketplace where you can choose from the vast array of hosting services, getting the most advanced solutions for your budget and ask for help and advice of quality engineers.

    Choose INXY and you will get:

    • Individual prices and configurations up to your needs - we have what you need for the best prices possible.

    • Different payment methods.

    • Free consultation on any hosting-related question

    Your advantages with our dedicated servers:

    • High-performance Dell and SuperMicro servers with discounts up to 50%!

    • Our data-centers: Datacenter.com and SwitchDC in Netherlands, Europe, TierPoint and Equinix in the USA, DataPro in Russia, Singapore, HongKong with more locations to come.

    • Best net providers, including Tier-1 - Level3, GlobalCrossing, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Tata Communications, IPTransit, IPTP Networks, PCCW Global, Cogent Communications.

    • We can provide up to 40 gbps for a single server.

    • For some servers we give up to 8 IPs for free

    Your advantages with our CDN solutions:

    • Free test period up to 1 month!

    · Our professional expertise of CDN. Examine your project for free with us and get the most suitable offer that you will benefit from!

    • Best providers of the world - AhCDN, EdgeCast (Verizon), Highwinds, UCDN, CDNnow and Leaseweb!

    • Global coverage (including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Russia and CIS).

    • Quick connection - our engineers will stay in touch with you and contact you as soon as possible for connection.

    • We provide you with free CDN tutorials on how to connect and our assistance on every stage, from correct choice to tuning everything up.

    Your advantages with our storage and backup solutions:

    • High availability and high speeds.

    • Reliable protection from data theft or loss.

    • Support for most programming languages and frameworks.

    • High integration possibilities: CDN, FTP, support for popular CMS.

    Other goodies:

    • Order a managed server

    • DNS service from Verizon

    • SSL for CDN - we connect websites secured by SSL technology and help to tune everything up.

    · hosting audit service - examine your current infrastructure and optimize your costs with us.

    · Colocation services - host your equipment in the most secure and powerful datacenters with us;

    · P2P video distribution - for large audiences there is clear benefit - you can save on CDN bandwidth and as well increase performance.

    · server administering - pass the complex IT tasks to our quality engineers and concentrate on your business

    We will be glad to answer all your questions here on forum, in live chat on the official website https://inxy.hosting/ or in Skype inxy.com
  2. Hostry is launching a Free DNS hosting.

    Hostry Free DNS is a FREE enterprise-level quality DNS service, covered by 400% SLA. Providing extremely fast connection and DDOS-attack protection.


    Starting today, use Hostry Free DNS with any domains regardless of where you've registered them. No limitations on the number of entries or requests are applied.

    All the necessary information you can find here: https://hostry.com/products/dns/
  3. Celebrate INXY’s Birthday With Us!

    The 31th of March is the birthday of INXY HOSTING MARKETPLACE! We have been around for 15 years to provide our clients with a consistent quality of hosting services and affordable servers. We continue fulfilling this mission and have a generous offer for you.


    On the 31th of March 2019, you can order a server worth $100/month or higher, pay for 3 months ahead, and get the 50 TB/month CDN bonus from UCDN. Coupled with an advanced CDN service, a server from INXY will ensure excellent speed and performance of your websites.

    Don’t miss this opportunity: our special offer is valid from the 31th of March till the 30st of April. Get the maximum out of your web-resources and bring their delivery to a new level!
  4. In order to speed up your project and get your customer experience much better, you need to find and implement the right CDN solution. Until recently, we had a price calculator that allowed searching CDN solutions according to certain requirements. Now, things got simpler!

    Striving to ease the task for our customers, INXY offers a large assortment of pre-built CDN packages. Now, instead of trying to calculate the price of a suitable service, you can choose from our list of ready options.


    How to select a CDN that ideally fits your website? Sort networks by different categories and check out our packages that correspond with the size of projects:

    • Large packages are ideal for well-established websites with huge traffic;

    • Medium-sized packages are recommended for developing websites;

    • Cheap, and free CDN packages should be ordered for small and new websites.

    • Use Pay-As-You-Go solution if you do not wish to purchase a certain amount of bandwidth

    It is also easy to grow with us, as your CDN traffic becomes cheaper as you purchase a larger package.

    INXY boasts the transparent pricing policy, which means that you always know what you pay for and what resources are in your disposal. There are no hidden payments, no manual calculations.

    Hosting doesn’t have to be complicated! With INXY choice of CDN solutions is a matter of a few clicks: visit the Packages page and check it out yourself.

    Have questions? Feel free to contact our team via live chat, skype or online form and get a free consultation prior to purchase.
  5. Hostry is launching Domain Name registration offering over 400 of the most demand and recognizable top-level domains (TLD). Check out domain name availability and choose one that suits your exact needs in just a few steps.

    New service launch means new possibilities. In that case, Hostry offers you a discount of up to 40%. As for a limited time offer, you'll also receive 2 months of VPS Hosting.


    DNS, CDN, SSL Certificate & WhoisGuard Protection are also available for FREE with any domain you'll choose.

    Hurry up, really good names usually don't last long in the stock.
  6. Need an affordable Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

    INXY hosting marketplace offers a wide assortment of VPS solutions with various configurations and locations. Simply choose a VPS out of 75 ready packages, and add it to your cart – it’s a matter of a few clicks! Each option can be configured to meet your technical requirements.

    In INXY, you can order a VPS from Hostry, Advanced Hosters, and Fozzy providers. There are several locations available including US, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore and a few European countries. We work with the most reliable datacenters only and ensure 99.99% uptime together with exceptional quality of service.


    Hosting shouldn’t be expensive. Our VPS solutions start from as low as $5/mo. Thanks to fair and transparent policy, you will always know what you pay for.

    Moreover, INXY provides reliable top-notch customer support: we are always here to back you up. Our assistants can be contacted different ways, including live chat https://inxy.com/, email [email protected], Skype inxy.com, Viber or Facebook messenger.

    Level up your hosting solution! Order VPS by contacting us!
  7. Need Affordable Hosting? Get Your $100 Bonus Promo Code For ANY Purchase!

    Want to boost website performance with a non-expensive dedicated server or VPS? Need a CDN without overpaying? You’ve come to the right place! INXY gives new users a generous opportunity to save on hosting: register, buy ANY service in our marketplace and claim your $100 bonus!

    INXY marketplace offers the whole gamut of hosting services, including dedicated servers starting from $28/mo (Webzilla, Leaseweb, Serverloft, Advanced Hosters, and other), Virtual Private Servers from $5/mo (Hostry, Fozzy, Advanced Hosters), Content Delivery Networks and DNS management solutions. Here, you can always order and configure a suitable hosting option for a reasonable price.


    If you’re a starter and your budget is limited, this bonus is just the thing! Become a new INXY client, order a hosting service and get $100 on your account. Here’s what you should do:

    1. Register to become INXY customer.

    2. Choose a hosting service, order, and pay.

    3. Apply the PROMO CODE: [uI5gD] to claim your $100

    Once the code is activated, you will get $100 on your account balance. Feel free to spend it on INXY products and services during the next 3 months!

    Ready to order a hosting solution? Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or https://inxy.com/ or [email protected]
  8. INXY marketplace gives you an unmatched opportunity to order a highly efficient dedicated servers with 10Gbps channel for the special price!

    Servers with 10 Gbps channel and a package of 250 TB of prepaid traffic!

    Special offer from INXY for organizations and individuals who plan one-time (several days and a week) or regular broadcasts (several times a week). You can use our servers for:

    · Games & sports live stream

    · Webinars and online trainings;

    · Conferences broadcast;

    · Events, holidays;

    · Church live streaming;

    · Holding elections;

    · VR & Video360, 3D broadcast;

    · Bloggers or influencers;

    · Other live streaming projects or events.

    Don't overpay! Better value hosting services is just a few clicks away



    HP DL120 G7 / 1x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1270 - 4 cores - 3.40 Ghz / 16GB DDR3 RAM / 1x480GB SSD

    Location: USA, Washington DC

    + 250TB of traffic over 10Gbps channel

    + any Linux based OS

    + 1IPv4.

    For only 660 USD/month

    Regular Price: 1960 USD/month (unlimited traffic)

    2x Intel Deca-Core Xeon Silver 4114 / Dell R740XD (12 LFF) / 64GB DDR4 RAM / 4x2TB SATA2

    Location: UK, London

    + 100TB of traffic (over 1Gbps channel)

    + any Linux based OS + 1IPv4.

    For only 250 USD/month

    2x Intel 12-Core Xeon Gold 5118 / Dell R740xd (12 LFF) / 2x 12 cores - 2.3Ghz / 128GB DDR4 RAM / 4x480GB SSD

    Location: UK, London

    + 100TB of traffic (over 1Gbps channel)

    + any Linux based OS + 1IPv4.

    For only 375 USD/month

    2 x Intel Octa-Core Xeon Gold 6134 / Dell R740XD (12 LFF) / 2x 8 cores - 3.2Ghz / 128GB DDR4 RAM / 4x480GB SSD

    Location: UK, London

    + 100TB of traffic (over 1Gbps channel)

    + any Linux based OS + 1IPv4.

    For only 450 USD/month

    A dedicated server is a guarantee of content security, trouble-free site work and simple access. Save your money with us! Hurry up! The number of server packages is limited! Offer is valid until August 1, 2019.

    We have a transparent pricing policy: you’re always aware of your expenses and where they go. No hidden payments, no manual calculations.

    Have questions? Need guidance? Get professional advice from us totally for free.

    To order hosting services from INXY Marketplace сontact our customer support via live chat on INXY.COM, send e-mail to [email protected], skype inxy.com, Viber or Facebook messenger. We are there for you 24/7.
  9. INXY proudly announces partnership with Velia dedicated servers provider!

    INXY hosting marketplace continues expanding the range of providers and products. We are happy to announce that we have added a series of dedicated servers from Velia company to our catalog! INXY customers are free to choose from six locations: Strasbourg (France), Hong Kong (China), Frankfurt (Germany, and three datacenters in the USA (Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis).

    Velia.net is part of the GoDaddy group, a market-leader in hosting and domain registrations.


    Key advantages of Velia servers include:
    * Easy customization;
    * Reliability and exceptional speed;
    * Multi-homed 200+ Gb/s global backbone;
    * Multiple server options in six data center locations.

    Since 2003, Velia has been providing high-quality hosting solutions for companies of all sizes, starting from eCommerce and finishing by healthcare. Your organization can benefit from their solutions, too!

    Want to order a Velia’s dedicated server? Contact us in live chat or send us email to [email protected].

    Affordable dedicated servers are always available in INXY marketplace.
  10. Meet new servers on INXY marketplace!

    Wanted to order a dedicated server for better coverage in Latin America? Here’s a golden opportunity to do that. INXY marketplace proudly presents our new partner – Maxihost. It provides high-quality dedicated servers with various technical characteristics – you can easily choose and customize hosting solutions. Maxihost runs datacenters in:


    · Chicago

    · Miami

    That means you can cover both North and South America and achieve excellent website loading speed, not mentioning boatloads of bandwidth you’ll have at your disposal.


    Why choose servers from Maxihost?

    1. 20 TB outbound traffic;

    2. Unlimited DDoS protection;

    3. 99.999% uptime;

    4. Bandwidth reporting;

    5. Convenient dashboard and API.

    A server with predefined configuration takes only 10 minutes to deploy, so what are you waiting for?

    If you need an affordable and efficient dedicated server located in Brazil or the USA, consider a Maxihost server from INXY marketplace. We will help you select a suitable option and set it up.

    Ready to make the order? Contact us via live chat on https://inxy.com/
  11. Need Affordable Hosting? Dedicated Servers Super Sale!

    We continue to lower prices for our customers on a permanent basis and we are glad to announce that now, we offer LEASEWEB Servers with 10 Gbps channel and a package of 250 TB of prepaid traffic for less than 55% from the previous price.

    Hurry up! The sale will last only month in October. The offer is valid while the product is in stock.


    Have questions? Need guidance? Get professional advice from us totally for free.

    To order hosting services from INXY Marketplace сontact our customer support via live chat on INXY.COM, send e-mail to [email protected], skype inxy.com, Viber or Facebook messenger. We are there for you 24/7.
  12. Need high-quality hosting services but don’t want to overpay? INXY gives you the opportunity to save on hosting services and afford more!

    Meet our new cashback option!


    How to save $4 on hosting?

    1. Open our catalogue of hosting servers: select a suitable solution based on the RAM, bandwidth and other characteristics.

    2. Buy a server on our partner’s website.

    3. Return to INXY and contact our sales department in online chat and claim your cashback.

    The money will be sent to your account: feel free to spend it on servers on INXY website.

    Get the most bang for your buck with INXY! We offer the best hosting solutions for reasonable prices.
  13. Today Hostry made another step towards providing high-quality service to our clients. We've become even more flexible with the new control panel that is now available for all Hostry VPS users. Meet Vesta Control Panel!

    VestaCP is one of the most popular, simple and convenient panels for managing sites. Full functional will be immediately available to anyone who decides to start working with it.


    VestaCP offers these key features:

    • apache and nginx;

    • php – you can choose different versions for different sites;

    • e-mail package Exim4 and Roundcube;

    • free IMAP-, POP3-server server Dovecot;

    • antivirus software ClamAV;

    • FTP server Vsftpd;

    • Firewall in the form of fail2ban and iptables;

    • scheduler cron jobs.

    The web interface is adapted to 26 languages and regions around the world and growing. Also, VestaCP offers an integrated auto-installer solution to its less experienced user to make their experience as comfortable.

    Try VestaCP with any US or Netherlands VPS at Hostry!
  14. You’re a new INXY client? Win $300 to spend on hosting!

    Understanding that quality hosting services don’t have to be expensive, INXY not only offers affordable servers, cloud storage and CDN – we also welcome all new clients and give them a golden opportunity to win $300!

    How to participate?

    You need to be a new INXY client registered in November. If you’re not an INXY customer yet, sign in and order top-notch hosting services for a reasonable price!

    Upon registering, you automatically become a participant of our lottery.

    Wait for the results – check social media and our website.


    The winners will be chosen randomly: one participant will receive the major prize - $300. Other five winners will get $50. The money can be spent on INXY hosting services.

    The lottery drawing results will be published on Black Friday - 29th of November

    The prizes can be spent within 3 months.

    Good luck!
  15. Meet Huge Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal from INXY!

    We offer:

    -Servers for less than 70% from the previous price. Go ahead and order lowcost servers on our website. Select a suitable solution based on the RAM, bandwidth and other characteristics.

    -Affordable Content Delivery Networks for those who need an advanced solution:

    · Highwinds Global (US+EU coverage). Price with a 25% discount: $6 per 1 TB if you buy 5 TB.

    · UCDN. Price with a 20% discount: $4 per 1 TB.

    -Only on Black Friday! Get a 75% discount Lifetime premium cloud storage:

    · 500 GB cloud storage: new price - $122.5, previous price - $480. One-Off payment

    · 2 TB cloud storage: new price - $245, previous price - $980. One-Off payment


    The discount is valid from November 28 to December 1 Only!

    -Discounts of up to 80% on Virtual Private Servers. You can buy VPS for 1$ from Hostry for the first month.

    -Striving to make quality hosting more affordable, INXY not only offers moderately priced servers, cloud storage and CDN – we also provide all our new clients with the golden opportunity to win $300! Other five winners will get $50! Purchase one of the carefully chosen hosting solution in November, and you automatically become a participant of our lottery.

    Save your money with us! Hurry up, the offer is limited.

    We have solutions probably for any budget! Just choose needed services, contact our manager and get your discount under best conditions on our website https://inxy.com/
  16. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with INXY!

    INXY team congratulates all customers on the upcoming Merry Christmas and New Year 2020. We want to congratulate each member of our large INXY users community by providing fantastic discounts and special holiday offers. These gifts will surely make you happy!


    Don’t miss the following promos:

    1. 50-70% CDN discount;

    2. Dedicated server sale up to 70%;

    3. Lifetime 2 Tb cloud storage from pCloud for $441.

    Don’t wait for Santa’s presents – make yourself a favor today.

    Order top-notch hosting & storage solutions for the lowest price possible.

    Sincerely yours,

    INXY team
  17. Great news! Dedicated Servers Super Sale!

    We continue to lower prices for our customers on a permanent basis and we are glad to announce that now, we offer: INXY budget servers for less than 80% from the previous price.

    Dedicated server is a real find for people who care about data security and efficiency of their web businesses.


    Hurry up! The offer is valid while the product is in stock. IDRAC and IPMI available for these servers. Choose the best solution on https://inxy.com/dedicated-servers

    We value our customers and we are always looking to provide the best services for the lowest prices possible.

    Don't overpay! Better value hosting services is just a few clicks away
  18. Meet Highwinds CDN offers with a 50% discount from INXY

    Being one of the major providers of CDN services, Highwinds (part of StackPath company) offers a large array of content delivery networks with servers located around the world. Want to speed up your website with the help of a quality CDN solution without paying a fortune?

    Highwinds CDN is the right choice. It provides:

    · Large number of PoPs for fast delivery;

    · Customization with EdgeRules;

    · Free Private EdgeSSL certificate support;

    · Real-time analytics.


    INXY marketplace makes CDN services affordable. Don’t miss our prices with a 50% discount from the provider’s cost:

    · $6 per 1 TB for packages of 1 to 99 TB

    · $4,99 per 1 TB for 100 TB packages 100 TB and higher

    · 100 TB = $499 (the old price is $700)

    · 250 TB = $1250 (the old price is $1750)

    The larger is your package, the more you save. Choose the one to fit your website’s requirements, and enjoy exceptional performance with flawless loading speed.

    Check our catalog on INXY marketplace.

    Have questions? Need help with selection of CDN solutions? Contact our sales managers via the live chat on the official website or Skype inxy.com

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