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Just made my first real person low budge commercial

Discussion in 'Video & Audio Recording' started by Charleyy, Nov 13, 2015.

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  1. I just made this commercial for about $40, I like the concept but it needs help. What are your thoughts?


  2. The thing which stuck out to me was the sound. I know it was $40 but it appears echoey at times, which affected the advert.

    Also I'd change the ending. I'd have it on White, rather than black. As well as split it into 2 different pages.

    Page 1 - the logo (on white)
    Page 2 - white background, and instead of a list, just write "Your Business Website started in Minutes for $1.99/mo". It could have more impact.
  3. Cool man, thanks. Makes perfect sense. I'm going to redo it with new actors and some women next time. Audio will be key.
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