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Large News Websites On The Witch Hunt For Pewdiepie Again

Discussion in 'The YouTubers Lounge' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. As YouTube's biggest star (by far), PewDiePie gets a lot of flak. He is constantly in the news because websites know that his name alone can generate traffic.

    I like PewDiePie (real name is Felix). His videos are really funny and entertaining.

    Since subscribing to his channel I've realised just how bad news reporting is online. News websites frequently take his jokes out of context. Then large organisations such as CNN and BBC pick up on a bad news story and just rerun the story without even verifying facts.

    It really is unbelievable that websites such as BBC do so little to verify facts before running a story.

    The latest witch hunt comes from the Wall Street Journal. They ran a large story saying that he was a racist and anti-semite.

    Due to this, PewDiePie has had his show cancelled by Google and he has been dropped by his ad network. The ad network is owned by Disney (ironically, Walt Disney was a known racist and anti-semite).

    What Wall Street Journal done was look through every single one of his videos and piece together segments taken from his video and then present it in one video.

    For example, in one video he talked about his news websites are misrepresenting him all the time just to generic traffic (and remember, traffic = $$$). So he did a parody saying that if everyone was suggesting he was racist, then maybe he should become one. So he put on a war outfit and watched a Hitler video. Wall Street Journal then used this part of the video without showing the context it was posted in.

    In another he was trying to illustrate the madness of Fiverr and how you could get people to do anything for fiver dollars. So he kept asking for crazier and crazier things knowing that they would not happen. But they do. One guy impersonating Jesus said Hitler wasn't a bad guy. Two Indian guys jumped around saying death to all jews.

    The problem is that within the context of the joke, all of this made sense. It was neither racist nor anti-semite.

    Wall Street Journal know this but are happy to just mislead everyone by piecing together a misleading video and article.

    The video below gives a pretty good explanation of what has happened.

    I really hope PewDiePie takes Wall Street Journal on and sues them for doing this. They have cost him millions of dollars and have completely lied to people in order to generate traffic.

    This whole thing illustrates how much power large news companies have and how easily and frequently they abuse that power in order to generate more traffic, more page impressions, and more revenue.


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