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Looking For A Good Recent Posts Solution For Visual Composer

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Visual Composer does not have a good selection of elements and add-ons suitable for displaying recent posts.

    There are lots of plugins available for displaying post grids. They problem is that they are all designed for image galleries so the columns and featured images being displayed are huge.

    I am looking more for something akin to a recent posts widget.

    The one I am using on my home page just now is a free plugin called Symple Shortcodes by WP Explorer. I really like it.

    It displays my recent posts fine. The problem is that it does appear to work with taxonomies. I have entered my category slugs and it does not filter posts from those categories.

    To get around this, I displayed a sidebar on my home page and then displayed Better Recent Posts Pro. Unfortunately, the styling from my regular sidebar is displayed when I do this so it all looks a little messed up.

    Does anyone know of a good Visual Composer plugin that allows you to display posts from blog post categories as regular lists?

    Featured images are a bonus, but I am willing to live without it :)

  2. Hi Kevin!

    I'm using the Beaver Builder. You can try their demo on their site - https://www.wpbeaverbuilder.com

    Their recent posts module isn't too bad :)
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  3. Thanks Leo, but I am using Visual Composer for my page and need it for certain content elements such as the YouTube feature etc.
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  5. Thanks for that Kris. I had come across that before but didn't really look at it properly as the preview didn't suggest it had what I needed. However, the screenshots on the sales page suggest that it does everything I need.

    Thanks. I've got some other things to work on the next few days but I'm going to give this a try soon :)
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