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Looking for Bloggers for KevinMuldoon Dot Com

Discussion in 'Job Board & Guest Post Exchange' started by Kevin Muldoon, Aug 14, 2014.

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  1. I am looking to significantly increase the number of quality articles that are published on my blog every week. I'm therefore on the lookout for two or three good bloggers who can help me cover topics such as making money online, web development, design, affiliate marketing, blogging, and WordPress.

    Articles must be well written and free from grammatical errors as I don't have time to a huge amount of time editing articles. I am happy for authors to submit their own article ideas, though I also have lots of article topics they can cover.

    • Will get full credit for the article and up to two links back to their website or social media account in the bio area
    • Must agree to pass full ownership of the article to me
    • Will be paid $50 per article
    • Must follow my writing guidelines
    • Should have experience blogging regularly on their own blog or on high traffic blogs
    This is an opportunity to write regularly for a blog that has an existing readership that is growing every month.

    More details of this can be found on this page: Submit a Post to KevinMuldoon.com

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  2. I am interested in this Kevin, but it will be a month or so. Just had a colonoscopy + endoscopy this week and I am.... well... wiped and exhausted. Trying to get my health back in order. Nothing more relaxing than a Friday night blogging with Jim Brickman playing in the background :)

    Anyways, I will let you know when I get everything back in full swing. I have tons of drafts already in my blog, I am sure you would love. SEO, PPC, Reviews, all kinds of things.
  3. Sounds great Brian. I'd love you to share your knowledge of SEO and PPC. Just let me know when you are feeling better and we can move things forward.

    My parents have had to have colonoscopies for various things to. From what I've heard, it is uncomfortable and tiring. My brothers girlfriend is getting one in a few weeks due to a problem she has with her stomach. Hope they managed to get more information about your condition from the test :)
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  4. Sounds good Enstine. Give me a buzz through my contact page and we can discuss a suitable topic for your first article :)
  5. I'll submit one soon!

    Your blog inspired me to go start a writing service!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
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  6. Hi Kevin,

    Been a super while (is that a word?), I've been here.

    Loved to see you start paid guest blogging.

    I'd love to write on blogging and WordPress.

    Will contact you soon with some topics and outlines.

    BTW, I recently deleted my FB profile.

    Feels good to be without distractions. :)
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  7. I'm keen to remove my FB account too. I am beyond bored with it!
  8. Hey @Kevin Muldoon is this offer still valid? Could you please publish it on my job board to give me a boost?
  9. No I'm not looking for writers anymore as articles submitted by writers were not increasing traffic. Thanks anyways.
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  10. How to increase traffic, you need some digital marketing rules to follow for your blog... require seo I think
  11. Hey @Kevin Muldoon.. You will soon get some content on hot topics - digital marketing & SEO too..

  12. @Kevin Muldoon I think you should probably close this thread. Not telling you how to run your site but think you'd probably appreciate not being bothered on this :)
  13. Agreed Rhys. Great suggestion.

    @Karthik Lingam / @amitkumarusa This thread is over one year old and is not relevant anymore.

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