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Looking for bloggers, webmasters & website owners! - $700

Discussion in 'Job Board & Guest Post Exchange' started by Unplag, Jan 12, 2015.

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  1. #1 Unplag, Jan 12, 2015
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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kelly Young and I am running the Unplag affiliate program. We're looking for new affiliates to promote our plagiarism-checking software, so here's some info for you to look at.

    Get paid 30% from every sale, 15% from a prolongation and 5% from partner’s commissions on a weekly basis. You’re welcome to use top-notch promo materials (banners, keywords, online ready-made template-LPs, unique tracking text links, logos, interactive checking area) just for free.

    Our average bill is $20.95, so you can earn even more than $700 per month.

    Interested? Feel free to ask your questions right in this thread or ping us on Skype! Skype ID: kelly.affiliate
  2. Your service actually looks awesome Kelly. I have been looking for a better alternative to plagspotter/copyscape for a while now and one doesn't exist. It looks like you guys are building a great product in an area that needs it!

    I just chatted with your support. Looks like you are getting the ability to add sitemap files for scanning within the next month. I gave them my contact info to let me know once that feature is available as I will definitely be signing up my clients. Also, would love to do a full review on my blog for you once that feature is in place.

  3. I agree with Brian. Looks like a great service.

    Do you offer affiliates a free trial in order to use the software for the purpose of a review?

  4. @Unplag - registered for the affiliate program. Lets see how it goes. Product looks great.
  5. @Unplag - just checking how many days does it take for approval in your affiliate program? Thanks
  6. Thank you for such a great feedback, Brian :)

    Yep, you're right. The feature you are looking for is currently under development and will be available in the nearest time
    I want to assure you that our developers are working days and nights to make Unplag the best product in the area.

    Let's keep in touch ;)
  7. Thanks! :)

    Please mind that we provide all our customers and affiliates with a default 275 - word trial. If you need to check more for testing purposes, please send us a request and we'll be more than happy to provide you with it :)
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  8. I have approved your request, prakash. Welcome aboard!
    Normally, we approve our affiliates within 1 business day.
  9. @Unplag started promoting... lets see how it goes, thanks!
  10. Hi @Unplag I just created my affiliate program
    Looks like some great product to start off the new year promoting

  11. Glad to see you among our affiliates, Enstine! Good luck ;)
  12. Our special offer is running out!

    Make sure to join our affiliate program till the end of the month to get immediate $5 bonus. Just sign up, post two reflinks by January 31 and grab the reward!
  13. My affiliate account is still pending though ;)
  14. We'd like to kindly remind you that our product is a plagiarism checking engine that scans any papers for duplications, similarities and plagiarism instances. So, as you've already got the target audience comprises students, teachers, English speaking learners, bloggers, lawyers and anyone who would like to make sure that the content is unique and plagiarism free. Please mind that we have carefully reviewed the mentioned channel of promotion and found no relevant section to advertise Unplag.com there. Could you please email us all you channels of promotion to assure us that you websites cater to the traffic we are looking for?
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  15. Guys, check out our renewed stylish banners!
    Haven't joined the Unplag Affiliate Program yet? It takes only 2 minutes to sign up!
  16. Did you know that 88x31 micro bars are the most frequently overlooked banner ads among the others?

    We've designed a few to make promotion even easier! Sign up right now to get the full access to our inventory.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Hi guys! Just wanted to update you that we've launched our March offer

    If you generate 5 sales till March 31, we will be more than happy to provide you with a 1-month subscription of using our plagiarism checking tool just for free.

    Click here to sign up
  18. @Unplag - I appreciate you are looking for more people to join your affiliate program. However, what you are now doing is spamming the forum. If you want to promote your affiliate program, you can upgrade your membership and post a thread once a month in the marketplace. But if you continue to spam the forum without contributing to the community in any way, your account will be deactivated.
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  19. Thank you for your tips, Kevin. We will definitely try this option ;)
  20. Thanks for understanding. We do want to help advertisers like yourself connect with members if we can, however we want to ensure the quality of the forum remains high.
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