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Mailchimp Making Single Opt-in The Default Setting

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. Despite choosing single opt-in over double opt-in for many years, I am still surprised to see MailChimp take this step.

    This is the email they sent me.

    We’re making important changes to the signup process

    Starting October 31, single opt-in will become the default setting for all MailChimp hosted, embedded, and pop-up signup forms. This change will impact all MailChimp users, so here’s everything you need to know:
    • All MailChimp signup forms—including all of your existing forms—will shift from double opt-in to single opt-in. This change will occur automatically; you don’t need to make any manual adjustments within your account.
    • The overall signup process will change: when single opt-in is enabled, the opt-in confirmation emails and the signup thank you page will not be sent or displayed.
    • If you wish to keep your existing forms as double opt-in, you will need to set your preferences here before October 31.
    Moving forward, you'll have the option to enable double opt-in within your account’s list settings.​
  2. I'm a fan of double opt in to be honest, so switched back. It removes tyre kickers also it's easier to track in Google Analytics as well. I would rather an engaged audience than a large one.
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  3. I'm not so sure. I bounced around single and double opt-in for a few years and saw the same drop in activity over time with both methods. I am happy I am out of it all now and just use Jetpack for delivering post updates. It was a constant annoyance. I much prefer doing video updates for subscribers.

    It would obviously be different if I ran an online shop though.
  4. MailChimp just sent me an update on this.

    Last week, we sent you an email announcing that MailChimp is adding single opt-in as an option and making it the default setting in new and existing lists.

    However, because your primary contact address is in the EU, your existing forms will remain double opt-in. You can change your lists to single opt-in on the Signup Preferences page at any time. After November 3, you'll also be able to make that change in each list's settings.

    We made this decision after receiving a lot of feedback from EU customers who told us that single opt-in does not align with their business needs in light of the upcoming GDPR and other local requirements. We heard you, and we’re sorry that we caused confusion.

    Please know that we’re committed to helping our customers get ready for the GDPR. Double opt-in provides additional proof of consent, and we suggest you continue using double opt-in if your business will be subject to the GDPR.

    For more information on why MailChimp is making changes to our opt-in choices, read our blog post.

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions.
  5. Well somebody didn't complete their due diligence.

    That was my first thought for the switch. I was like "surely if anything they would be collecting more data! Maybe Triple Opt In...I don't know". It just seemed barmy them pushing this, and they've semi U-turned now.
  6. I think the EU is much more strict than other regions in the world.

    I suspect this is due to large clients complaining about low response rates from having customers opt-in. Big customers drive changes like this.
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