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Markeplace Section And Buddypress In Wp Multisite Scenario

Discussion in 'WordPress Questions & Support' started by chevron, Jun 26, 2016.

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  1. Hi all, I'm new on the forum, glad I've found it.

    I'm creating a platform and I've installed buddypress, woocommerce and switched wp to wp multisite: these are the core points of my project.

    I'm a bit stuck on a point:
    I switched to wp multisite cause I want to create some subsites for some affiliated sponsors of my platform,
    so they ll have a new mini website in my platform which is a niche portal.

    My platform has also a ( commerce ) section, so here woocommerce comes: it's not a classic eshop, but a marketplace type, also called multi vendors type; the vendors of my website are those companies for whom I'm creating the subsites and here there's my kind of problem:

    I need a markeplace theme for wp multisite and seems are not so spreaded.
    Most of markeplaces solutions are developed for wp classic and these ones create vend0r's pages within an unique space, while I need the theme to have an aggregator homepage where users can browse on vendors list and products list and then when clicking on a particular product or a particular vendor, to be redirected to the store of that vendor in its own subsite.

    I've already found some potential solutions, I'm not 100% sure on them and I don't know if I can link them here cause are premium plugins.
    If possible I'd be glad to share what solutions I'm thinking about, just let me know if I'm allowed.
    Btw I'd really like to read your opinion on the architecture of my project and if you know any ways I could achieve an outcome as the one I've described or similar.

    Thanks for reading
  2. Hi Chevron.

    Feel free to share those plugins and we can give our thoughts on it :)

  3. Thanks for the support Kevin,

    Ok then, as I was saying I need a Marketplace theme for my WP Multisite platform, or a plugin that allow me to have a markeplace in wp multisite.

    I found this solution which is not a theme and I'll be thankful if you could give it a look;
    here the link: http://woomultistore.com/

    -If my understanding is right with this plugin I'd be able to have a main page that works as aggregator for all products and stores from where users can browse and make searches.
    -The sellers create their shops in their own subsites and check on the function to public their products all over the platform.
    -It seems this plugin integrates with every woocommerce themes, but as it's a premium theme, I'm looking for some opinions, tips or advics, also cause english is not my first language, so I'm always worried I miss something important while reading.

    It's very important to me the marketplace to work on wp multisite, cause I'm creating mini subsites for some affiliate sponsors of mine, so I want to add to their subsites an eshop as part of the main marketplace.

    I've already seen some solutions for a NO Multisite scenario and it's much easier to come across these solutions, one of them is the following one: https://woocommerce.com/products/product-vendors/ but can't work for my project cause it obviously work just on a single installation: vendors has their PAGE, instead of a subsite.

    Any advices, opinions will be very appreciated

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