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Menu Posts Count - My New Plugin

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by Sanjay Ojha, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Hello guys,
    I have got one more plugin approved in WordPress plugin repository. I got inspired to write this plugin when I got good feedback from community for my other plugin for hiding google analytic code. It is a simple plugin for showing count of posts in menu for category, tag or other custom taxonomies. You can control many things from admin setting page. I hope you guys will like it, please feel free to provide suggestion and feedback.
    Link: Menu Posts Count

    Available settings
    • Show counts in first level menu – Allow you to show counts in first level menu
    • Show only for count greater than – You can set the limit below which counts will be not shown.
    • Which menus – Select available menus from your theme for which you want to show counts.
    • Select taxonomies – Select taxonomies for which you want to count the post and show it in menu.
    • Select bracket type – You can select parentheses or brackets to enclose the counts.
    • Keep space around the counts – You can put space around the counts inside the brackets.
    Setting page

    This is how count will be shown base on settings
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  2. Interesting idea Sanjay.

    Anyone who displays categories or tags in a top navigation menu or a widget menu can now display how many posts are published.
  3. Thank you Kevin.
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  4. Seriously I needed this 3 months ago! Amazing work - will check it out.
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  5. Thank you Rhys, Let me know if there is any bug. I have tested it with fresh installation so not sure about conflict with any other plugin

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