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Most Companies Do Not Seem To Value Good Writing

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. It's kind of ironic that everyone knows that good writing is vital for promoting a website, yet no one seems to want to pay for it. I can understand why some blog owners are reluctant to pay good rates. If a blog is not making a lot of money, it can be hard to justify spending a lot on writing.

    What does surprise me are companies that are making a lot of money; yet still pay terrible rates to authors. I see this time and time again on the ProBlogger job board. For example, a hosting company or a web service charges $50 for their cheapest plan, which suggests that they are probably earning thousands per month. However, they only pay authors $5-$15 per post.

    Whilst I do understand their desire to keep costs low, bringing in writers who will write articles for $10 seems like it is a short-term solution at best. Plus the quality of those articles are unlikely to be good. Unless website owners start valuing good content and start appreciating good writers, I do not see this changing.

  2. I guess because writing is seen as something anyone can do, so there is no need to pay top dollar for it.

    While anyone can tap away on the keyword and produce some 'writing', in reality, its not something anyone can do. Maybe once they realise the $5 content isn't that good they raise their rates, or maybe they just go looking for more $5 content in the hope they find something good?
  3. That is the problem. Many website owners do not seem to see the difference between good writing and bad writing. Charging $5 an article is not sustainable unless you live in a third world country.
  4. yeah, writing is like advertising and marketing in this respect... everyone thinks they understand how to create it just because they CONSUME so much of it every day.

    or to put it another way, i'm not sure how many hours of watching porn will magically make you great in the sack...
  5. None required mate. I was just born that way;)
  6. You made my day :)
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