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My Devotion To Youtube (despite Not Being Successful)

Discussion in 'Video & Audio Recording' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jul 28, 2016.

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  1. The growth of my YouTube channel has not gone as well as I had hoped. I had hoped to have had a few thousand subscribers at this point.

    There are some reasons why I have not made it.

    Firstly, I do not spend enough time making individual videos. This is partly because of my limited video editing skills, but mainly due to me not having enough time to devote to making videos better.

    Plus when I have spent more time editing videos, I haven't seen an increase in views or subscriber growth to warrant me spending more time doing videos. I have had more success publishing more videos than less videos with a higher quality.

    Secondly, YouTube has not been a priority. It is frequently pushed behind commitments for my blog, writing for others, and training etc. It's no real surprise that it is not a priority since I do not really make any money with YouTube.

    Thirdly, making it on YouTube is harder than a lot of people think. I think I, like many others, did not have a realistic expectation as to how long it would be to establish my channel.

    Despite all of this, I love producing videos for my YouTube channel. I really do enjoy it. Sure, there are times when editing etc can be a pain, but generally speaking I really enjoy it.

    This is something I am going to continue doing for years.

    I am going to continue publishing tech videos, but I'm also hoping to start putting more focus on gamin videos. I'm going to do let's play videos, reviews, and more.

    I'd love to hear from other Rise Forums YouTubers. What has been your experience with the platform so far?

  2. I'm like you. I'm just quietly going along.

    My best (seemingly) video so far has been this one - - a LOT of work went into it to be honest, and - whilst I don't think it shows - it was rather popular.

    I've been playing around with easy videos to produce (single cut videos with an intro and an outtro), but should produce more video game reviews. I also (when drunkenly played Overwatch last night) got my first Play of the Game. I uploaded that - :) - so for some reason the 12 hours it's been on it has had a few views (for me anyway). I don't know what that means.

    Between the review of Play Expo, an Unboxing that got a few views, and a Golf with Friends review, I did managed to break the minimum payout in my YouTube account (that was sat on £55 for ages!) so that was nice. I heard that 301 is the number of views to be included in more sidebars of other videos, so I'm trying to aim for that.
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  3. Easy videos is something I'm striving for too. That is why I am trying to do more streaming. I love the idea of just clicking record and then letting software and YouTube handle the rest.

    The play expo video was great. You really cut between scenes well.

    I can't help you out too much just now, but once I reach 1,000 subscribers I'm hoping that growth accelerates much quicker. At that point it would be good if we could both do some videos together so that we both help push new subscribers to each other :)
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  4. Yeah I'd be happy with that :)
  5. @Kevin Muldoon in terms of streaming, you'd get more views on Twitch rather then YT, it's way more popular to watch live gameplays. And it's not that hard to start, just get OBS and setup basic things (tons of tutorials online).
    Once you get decent twitch followers/subscribers count, your YT will grow rapidly.

    I keep my fingers crossed for that to happen. :)

    BTW @Rhys Wynne super cool video about the Play Blackpool - very professional looking and great voice over.
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  6. Twitch works automatically through the PS4.

    I set up a Twitch account last week at https://www.twitch.tv/kevin_muldoon/profile and I did two broadcasts. I got next to no views and interaction.

    Twitch is something I may try in the future once I am established. I think YouTube is a much better fit for me at the moment.

    Firstly, because I already have a YouTube channel. I don't have a huge following, but I do have some sort of a presence which means I am not starting from scratch.

    Secondly, YouTube saves all broadcasts. Twitch only saves them temporarily. There is an option to export to YouTube but it's quite problematic and exports frequently fail. I exported both videos I broadcast via Twitch to my YouTube channel and the second video failed exporting several times. On YouTube everything just works automatically.

    In my current position, I feel it is better to go down the YouTube route just now. Then once I have a bit of a following I can then start telling subscribers I'm trying Twitch too.

    An alternative option in the future is to purchase a new computer and use OBS and a service such as Restream to stream to both services at the same time.
  7. On Twitch there is not much games that attract a lot of people. Here is your playlist :)

    However if you want to stick with YT, I'll be waiting for your games, I really enjoyed Goat simulator :)
  8. Goat Simulator is an awesome game :)

    Call of Duty seems very popular. I was thinking of playing lots of different games to help showcase different games that are out there. But I suspect I will stream Call of Duty etc in the future when I get that. Perhaps some more Star Wars too.

    I used to be great at Counter Strike but last time I loaded it up I was horrendous. I'd be embarrassed to stream that now haha.
  9. It's all about Overwatch for me :)

    It's quite amusing, if you stream yourself playing a game that isn't as popular, then you can get more engagement with fewer people. I've had it play quite a fair bit.

    The problem I have is I cannot really stream on my connection :( - so knocked it on the head to focus on YouTube for now. Still enjoy watching :)

    The other funny thing to bear in mind with those popular games @Kris Hoja (cheers for the nice comments on the Play Blackpool vid!) is that when there is a charity gaming a-thon (such as AGDQ and SGDQ) you usually get a random game at the top of that list! (I've seen obscure 1991 Sunsoft game Gimmick on top of League of Legends before now)
  10. Whenever I see Overwatch, it just reminds me of the TimeSplitter games of the late 90s and early 00s. How does it compare to other FPS such as Call of Duty?

    I purchased Star Wars BattleFront when I got my PS4, but to be honest I'm not sure I enjoy it as much as games like COD.

    I'm kind of torn between playing a popular game and exploring a new game.

    One of my favourite YouTube channels is Cinemassacre - famous for the The Angry Video Game Nerd series. I love their series of videos where James and Mike just sit down and play different games. I'd love to do that with my channel too. I love the idea of exploring all the indie games out there.

    From a growth point of view, I'm sure I would gather more attention if I just streaming all the time playing one game. It's something I could easily do if I purchased a game such as Overwatch; however I like the idea of having variety on my channel rather than just keep streaming the same game over and over.
  11. I've started a Youtube channel, and did like 3 videos.. then... mostly like the reason Kevin said... it isn't my priority, I lack video editing skill.

    But my wife will stop working starting this October, she has some editing skill and she will be home all day. So we are planning to reboot the channel, we can shoot video and she do the editing.
  12. What is your channel going to focus on Soki?
  13. Nice one. I've did a lot of gadget and tech reviews myself. Looking forward to seeing more reviews from you. Be sure to start some threads in the video discussion room if you want help or feedback.
  14. I am actually thinking if i wanna do English or in Chinese.

    English audience, especially from US, I can include Amazon affiliate link, and that has a higher chance of converting. However there are already so much English reviews around.

    For Chinese audience, at the stage I can only think of income from YouTube. But products review in Chinese is rare.
  15. The Chinese market is huge. Is YouTube big there too or do they use another video website?

    I've noticed that many non-English speaking YouTubers perform their videos in English so that they can reach a wide audience.
  16. @Soki in my opinion go for Chinese! it's 1/5 of earth population, it might be harder to squeeze affiliate money, but I'm sure there are stores with affiliate program.
    You can always add English subtitles :)
  17. Youtube is common here in Malaysia, also in Taiwan, but it is banned in China.
    Because I watch Taiwan videos and there are also a lot of comments in Chinese, so I think I could try Chinese, but I am not confident if Chinese can help my channel grow, reason is I have not seen or expose to any gear(multi-tools, flashlight, EDC) community in Chinese, so I wonder if there are audience regarding this topic.
  18. You're right, I wasn't aware that YT is banned in China.
    In this case you should do two channels for local and foreign audience. It's quite common practice and when you'll record review, then you just have to say same thing in other language :)
  19. Yeah its a bit different. The closest it is to is Team Fortress 2, so more team based rather than run & gun.

    I've just been trying a few ideas. Running out of unboxing videos so may do more reviews soon.
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