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My New Vlogging Camera

Discussion in 'Video & Audio Recording' started by Kevin Muldoon, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. I mentioned in Heather's recent thread that I was looking for a new camera.

    The eBay seller that I bought the Sony RX100 Mark IV from did not send the item. I suspect it was because he wasn't happy with the price. He ceased all communication and despite me asking for the item to be sent, he refunded the money and then listed the item again.

    I generally try not to leave negative feedback on eBay unless absolutely necessary, but when the seller re-listed the item again I couldn't resist telling others that he was a scammer.

    Thankfully, I managed to pick up another camera. Rather than get the mark IV, which is the latest version of the camera, I got the mark III. This version is exactly the same as the mark IV except the the mark IV can shoot 4K. However, it's not a big thing as the 4K has a five minute limit so is kind of impractical for me as many videos will be over the 5 minute mark so I would have to record in 1080p anyways; plus I have heard people saying that the camera can overheat recording 4K after just two or three minutes.

    So I decided to go for the mark three. I managed to pick up the mark three for only £320 from CEX. It was marked as a grade B but when I saw it in the shop I saw that it was mint condition. It was only marked as grade B as they did not have the original box and accessories. It's a great saving when you consider that this camera still sells for £555 on Amazon today.

    Down the line, I can always sell this version if necessary if the Mark V looks good. I suspect the mark IV was a bit of a transitional device as far as 4K goes and the Mark V will be a 4K recording device. So the mark III should prove to be the best solution for the time being. Plus it will make a great camera for photos when I go on trips abroad.

    My latest Rise Forums videos were recording using the camera.

    You can also see a quick overview of the camera in the video below that I recorded for my tech channel.

    This camera should help me produce videos much more quickly so I hope to produce more videos for both of my YouTube channels.

    I'll be publishing a video about the vlogging quality soon too so be sure to check that out :)

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